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trukgirl's 65g build

This is a discussion on trukgirl's 65g build within the Saltwater Journals forums, part of the Aquarium Photography category; --> NICE, and the sump is remodeled, now it looks better ha more room...

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NICE, and the sump is remodeled, now it looks better ha more room
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Got the return pump!

We ended up with a few gallons on the floor trying to get it going... I THOUGHT my hubby knew what he was doing.... I had no idea so much water would come back down through the tube coming out of the return pump... Yeah, well he's going to Lowes when he gets off in the morning (he's on midnights) to get a CHECK VALVE............

Anyways, got another 5 lbs live rock, another 10 lbs of live sand in the sump, and my bunch of macro algae. Due to all the messing around the whole tank and sump is a cloudy mess again. So I'll wait for pics.
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It is hard to find a check valve at Lowe's that works with sump plumbing (believe me, I have tried). It needs to be a Swing Gate Check Valve, as opposed to a spring action check. If it is a ball check valve, make sure it has no metal parts (they often use a Stainless steel ball, no good). All PVC is the only way to go. Everything else will rust and corrode.

EDIT: often the sump pump check valves are all PVC. These would work, the only problem is that they are usually 2-1/2" inlet and oulets.
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yah yah i have all PVC too, hey where did you get your micro algae from? i been wanting some but everytime i go to the LFS there out, did you order online someplace?
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Nope my LFS had the macro algae in the store! They just recently did a big expansion of their saltwater section. My local Petco has some red macro algae also, small bunches for $1.99. I got a giant bunch of green (not sure of type) from the LFS for $9.

wake - Due to us buying a cheap foreign made pump off Ebay, all the attachments are metric and none of the threads match anything. So we had to use a clear hose. Only thing that would fit. :(

The check valve he bought this morning was PVC and it did fit, it has a rubber gasket thing inside for the valve. It makes a TON of noise though. and reduced the flow some even though it was the same diameter. I think the PSI coming out of the pump is too much for it. So I have to go back to Lowes and take it back.

Everything else is running great!!

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Pic time again!!!!!!!!

We've had some new additions to the family as well.... A few days ago I got 2 more damsels, a Domino and a 3 stripe (both are black & white).... We moved the 2 blue damsels to the big tank, today I moved the b&w ones to the big tank, and we got our Clowns! (tank raised ocellaris) They are in the 10g till the big tank is more "aged". They are quite tiny though so they are just fine in there for now.

The sump w/algae and my daughter, LOL

return plumbing

I need more live rock!!!!!!!!!!!!
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The Domino damsel

In the 10g for now....
One of my big turbo snails

My clownies!

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Man that sump is makin me jealous, i NEED some algae soon lol, and yeah you need some more live rock lol, but take your time :D get da liverock n cuc and u should b about done
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Old 05-27-2010, 06:27 PM   #39
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I got another 13 lbs of live rock on Tuesday... it looks a little fuller, LOL! Brings the total to 31 lbs.

Since I am so far along in this "build"... should I put further updates in the pictures/videos section??
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Well my macro algae is not doing so good. I actually had to get a macro algae supplement. It is beginning to perk up a little. I think the supplement may be giving a boost to the diatom... there is a small bloom of it in the sump...

I will update w/pics tomorrow. I also have some interesting looking solid white hitchhiker growing on one of the rocks. It is really big compared to the aiptasia that grew in my 10g. I'm curious as to what it is... Also got 6 little hermit crabs in there now.
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