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trukgirl's 65g build

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Just picked up my hawkfish from the lfs, he's in the "drip" right now!
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YAY!! can't wait to see him in your tank!
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Here's the new Longnose Hawkfish! (along with some more good shots of the tank!)
The new Court Jester Goby has already turned in for the night... he seems to go to bed kind of early. :)

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Amazing!!! Now i have a question....will your rocks get more colorful and..I guess..full of life? are there different types of rock?? I dont know much about salt water tanks, maybe u can educate me a little bit!!! :))
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Trukgirl you are doing a great job on this tank... the new addition is!!!!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by trukgirl View Post
This is the protein skimmer I just bought off Ebay earlier today...
Its a Jebo 182 II. Yeah I did a bunch of research on it... I found out from a really massively long thread on reefcentral that it can be made to whoop protein skimmers that cost 4x what I paid for it with a tiny bit of modding, so a little modding is definitely worth the difference in price!!!!! Its just a little bit more than what I paid for the nano skimmer for my 10g! :D
great find congrats
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Britny - thanks!! I got the rock from a couple different stores/places, so they look different because some came from Fiji, some from Tonga... eventually they will all be covered in that purpley Coraline algae, it will help them look the same. All the new pieces really stick out, but some of the older ones used to be like that too! Live rock from different places can be totally different, from the color to the density. But yeah, they will eventually be fully of life too!

BWF - thanks!!!!

Kitten - thanks!! I think I am going to have to upgrade to a larger one once I get my anemone and a few corals, but we'll see how it does.
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Tank is looking great.More inspiration for me to want to try saltwater.
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Old 07-28-2010, 05:26 PM   #130
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Well it's completely gorgeous! Congrats!! Thanks for the info also....your inspiring fiance wont be happy. lol ;)
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