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trukgirl's 65g build

This is a discussion on trukgirl's 65g build within the Saltwater Journals forums, part of the Aquarium Photography category; --> Grady.... thanks!! :D Yeah I think these goby's are just hilarious to watch!! Its amazing how some of these fish seem to have their ...

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Grady.... thanks!! :D Yeah I think these goby's are just hilarious to watch!! Its amazing how some of these fish seem to have their own little personalities.

When I introduced the Rusty, he definitely wasn't trying to jump out near him. He's the largest fish I've added so far and most of them were a little intimidated by his size. He's part of the "gang" now though. He likes to be near the purple Firefish.

Originally Posted by Inga View Post
Well, I am late to the party but I have to say it is a blast to be able to watch the progress of a tank build all in one day. ha ha It looks awesome! I am not brave enough to do salt water as I am far too new to the hobby but I am in awe of all salt water tanks.

In the one video it looked as though your shrimp was tryng to go after your little yellow fish. Are there any concerns of that? What about if your clownfish do end up mating, would you take them out of the big tank? Would the shrimp eat the babies?
Well, the initial cost is more than FW... but honestly in terms of "hours" of maintenance, I spend a LOT less maintaining these! Of course if someone got sick or something it would be a lot more, but that would be with any fish, FW or salt. I used my experience with my FW tanks, and one 55g planted tank, as learning tools for this. But there are definitely a LOT of ways it is different.

As far as that shrimp goes, he is actually a "cleaner" shrimp. I'm not worried about him attacking the Goby unless something weird happened, like if he got really sick or died. It is really cool to see him "clean" a fish... (I have yet to catch it on video!!) If there is a fish that wants to be cleaned and is receptive to him when they feel his whiskers, they will stop in front of him and let him pick off whatever is on them to eat! If you've seen Finding Nemo he's like Jacques, the shrimp that lives in the tank in the dentist's office. In fact of course Jacques is our shrimp's name. My 4 yr old son names them

If the clowns ever ended up having babies... I would imagine i would have to be doing some tank transferring back and forth with certain inhabitants. Since they are still really young I'm not worried about it at this point. I am definitely going to start studying mating behaviors more later on so I can see if they are trying. Even at that, there is probably only a very slim chance they would have babies. But it is definitely good for them to be a mated pair so they will get along better.

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LOL Jacques. I call my son that. He's going through a mysophobia stage right now and walks around with windex.

The tank is looking SUPER. Its getting harder and harder to resist that temptation to go SW. My LFS guy has a 30G biocube he's trying to sell me. The more I watch ya'lls tanks develop the more I want to try it.
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Truk - if they do have off spring let me know i may be interested if we can work out a deal LOL
texas - umm i dont know much about the AIO set ups other than they tend to need mods other wise go for it GET SALTY !!!!!!!!!! LOL i mean look at truk's tank.. look how beautiful they can be ..... come on over to the other side
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Originally Posted by TexasTanker View Post
LOL Jacques. I call my son that. He's going through a mysophobia stage right now and walks around with windex.

Thanks soooo much for the complements, guys.
I really liked my FW tanks, and it about killed me to sell my Brown Knifefish... but I truly do enjoy the saltwater. My hubby is way more interested and involved in it with me now also than he EVER was with the FW tanks. That in itself is a blessing!

BWF - IF they did have babies... I'm sure we could!
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LFS finally got my hawkfish! He is a longnose hawkfish, a little more white than red. He's paid for and has my name on his tank! Got a pic of him on my phone... will post below! He just got off the airplane Thursday morning, so they are going to hold on to him till Monday. So far she said he is eating and acting normally!

I also got another Goby today. He is a Rainford or Court Jester Goby. He's in the "drip" right now...LOL
Pics of him later tonight! I will probably get a few more small rock-dwelling fish (like type A in the article stickied by Pasfur about stocking) Still planning on a Royal Gramma or some type of Basslet. I'm done with adding the more free-swimming fish (like the type B) Also picked up another 2lbs of rock, some small pieces to boost the rock-scape in a few places.

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Obviously I didn't get a pic of the new goby last night! Hubs and I tried our best to get that 3 stripe damsel out (He's back in the 10g now.) w/o having to take down some of the rocks, well of course that didn't work since that little turd is still so small. So since we re-arranged everything the new guy hid till it was dinner time. Then he went back to his hole. (everyone else was in their holes too, lol) I'll try to get a pic of him today, definitely by tonight.

The funniest thing happened while I was arranging rocks at one end of the tank... I was using my rt hand for the most part, changed to my L hand for a few times. Well I happened to be wearing my engagement rings since the hubs and I went out Fri nite, and the male clownfish starts attacking my hand! So I took my rings off since the set has a few pointy corners on it (didn't want him to hurt himself) and put the same hand back in there, and he starts attacking me again! It was so funny! He was watching me like a hawk and would come up and give me a peck now and then after the initial "attack". I think he was protecting his mate, who was backed up in the top corner of the tank. (she swims there a lot normally) It had been a while since I had my whole arm in there, but I think it was my engagement ring that set him off.
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i know a guy with a breeding pair of clowns and everytime he puts his hand in the tank he has to use his other hand with a net to distract his clowns. he has been bit by them before and they've drawn blood. pretty crazy such small fish are capable of doing so.
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It felt like he was barely pecking me, but I would imagine now that you mention it, if they were full grown he might just be able to do that....he definitely came at me with a lot of force being as small as he is!
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There! Got a good pic of the new guy! Also included some nice shots I got this morning!

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Since I got my new camera, taking pics of my fish and tank have just become so much more fun! :D

Also since I changed that bulb from an old 5100k (came w/tank) to a 50/50 .... the colors on everyone is just way more lovely. I can't wait to see how they are after I get my new light fixture!

Here is a better version of the same pic of the new Court Jester...
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