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I just spent a good hour or two reading this thread and wow. I was thinking of DIY for my tank stand and was looking for ideas, but yours just blew me away. Now I'm totally ambitious about making a nice stand though my wood shop skills probably don't merit for such a nice quality stand. You must feel really proud of your work; I would! Good job on the project and I hope everything goes well with your tank!

Must upgrade! @~@;;
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u didnt understood bro, what i meant.

anyways gr8 job for ur tank.

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Originally Posted by Cody View Post
My tank hasn't been at 100% lately either. I still have a ton of growth (rics in the middle of splitting), but I have aiptasia everywhere and I am fighting a cyano bloom. Yours looks great compared to mine at them moment.
Its funny, we all dealt with a down cycle at the same time. My 54 reef was not something i was proud of in Oct / Nov. I was fighting hair algae, for predictable reasons, and was neglecting the tank focusing on the 180. It took a few days of extensive cleaning and pruning. Now, 6 weeks later, everything looks great. The algae is totally gone, and it was 100% preventative measures being neglected.
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one word...... PICS =)

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very very nice sir!!!!!!!!1

Back in the Game!!! Live Bearers in a 40 Breeder
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Just one word....WOW!!!!

On a side note... your sump is so clean! Should mine be so clean? I just let everything grow down there and clean the equipment/pumps now and then.

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this tank was given to my father. i was able to visit him and snapped these shots. unfortunately the sump isnt as clean as it looks. live rock is in the return pump section which can cause some debris and detritus issues. i dont think there is much of an issue right this second, but sooner then later there will be. when i started this tank i also ran an MRC-MR2 skimmer which i then switched to an in sump MTC ( i think? ) skimmer. since then my father switched back to the MRC. if you also look one of the baffles gave out which a new sump is being constructed to replace this one. when the new one is put in, it will use an external pump instead of the massive mag24 to power the skimmer. i believe the mag on the return will stay in use.
your sump does not need to be spotless. i feel it should be kept up with to prevent build up of anything you dont want but otherwise let it do its thing. if you look back you will see i have an opening in my door to the sump, revealing the refugium as somewhat like a second display. i enjoy it this was because i like to watch everything work on the tank as a whole, not just the "display" part.
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Kudos to your Dad. I thought for sure the tank would "nuke" in his hands. I'm impressed that he was able to keep it up and have it look as nice as it does. He obviously was paying attention to your skills and was able to follow in your footsteps. Good for him, I'm impressed.

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he never had a saltwater tank to my knowledge except tons of freshwaters. its funny because he was in FL for sometime starting for his degree in marine bio but then decided to switch to micro bio. i guess it works out for him to finally have a tank he can enjoy. i sure do miss it but once i have alittle extra money i plan on hopefully starting something new up on a smaller scale.
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