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thanks again, i wouldnt mind giving a hand but with that not possible ofcourse i wouldnt mind helping to answer all your questions.
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tank hit 86F yesterday so i added a fan across my lights. it wasnt even a bad hot day yesterday, the mag 24 pump that feeds my skimmer is a beast contributing to alot of heat.

which leaves me torn between removing the out of sump MRC MR2 skimmer with mag 24 and replacing it with an in sump MTC skimmer with mag 7 OR drilling the sump and using the MRC with an external genx40 pump that i have. im undecided but leaning towards the MTC

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look how fat the wrasse is

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i dont want to sound like a hypocrit but i do NOT suggest this fish without atleast knowing what your getting into. ive search a few stores for a healthy eating specimen. currently i have it eating mysis and live blackworms like a pig. he also grazes the rock work.

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i have failed to mention that this fish appears to have ich. i am not concerned as i personally am a believer of a healthy fish not having to worry about diseases except maybe tangs or fish without slime coats.
when i purchased this fish there were no signs of disease which doesnt mean much but with this fish i figured it was in the best interest to introduce it to the display without QT. Why? because of the eating patterns. I dont suggest doing that with many fish. He currently is eating garlic and selcon soaked foods and grazing rocks swimming naturally. All other fish appear in 100% health.
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an early friday morning feeding, todays menu live blackworm and pre-rinsed frozen brine shrimp.

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I thought that copperband butterflies aren't reef safe. I thought they nip at corals and inverts.

Beautiful Fish.

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i believe clams are risky to keep with the copper band. i also do not see any bristle worms. its just like my wrasse, it will eat stomatalla snails that are small from time to time but i dont mind, theres many in my sump.

my fish has not touched a coral or invert.
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WOW! That fish is fantastic looking. I know it's not a recommended fish and is difficult to keep but I'll be interested in following your progress with this guy. Nice video feeds, keep em coming!

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i should explain alittle better. again, i do not suggest my footsteps be followed but do as you wish.

these fish are not reef safe due to their habbits of nipping clams and anemones. they are supposed to eat aptasia, which ive come to find mine doesnt/hasnt/wont which indicates my bubble tip anemone is most likely going to go un harmed ( the RBTA appears untouched up to date )
before considering this fish ( and usually most fish ) i make a plan to have a backup tank to re-home a fish if need be. i have not had any issue. i dont suggest going out, geting one, seeing how it does ( and if it doesnt do good ) re-home it. The hardest challenge with this fish is to get it to eat, which i got mine doing. Out of all the butterflies, this and the longnose butterfly are the only ones i would consider even adding to my tank. This is like my flame angel, which ive had for a while now and had no issues to report. My wrasse, like i said eats the occasional small stomatalla snail which doesnt bother me. He leave the other snails alone, so all is well.
There are some fish that are "reef cationable" only because they eat snails or shrimp, or have a chance to nip clams or something along those lines. For example, everyone will claim triggers are not reef safe when i know someone with a pair of crosshatch triggers in a 12 foot reef. I dont think he has any snails alive ( which i dont suggest because they a good help with algaes ) but no corals are harmed. I know a few who keep a copperband, and i know someone who actually invented a feeder for his! ( its really just a piece of tubing rigged up, but still cool to see him use its nose to eat )
There are some fish i would add, others i would consider, and some i just wouldnt add at all. ( like damsels, which are "reef safe" but i would not consider them "fish safe" ) I guess what it comes down to is what best fits your system.

thanks kym!!
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