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post #21 of 327 Old 09-29-2008, 02:16 AM
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Whoa! Somehow the thread got marked as read even though I definitely haven't seen those newest pictures. It looks really great! Your clowns seem to enjoy each others company - are they a pair? One seems a lot bigger than the other.

What's going in next?

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i have something to say.
Well done,i think it's looking great. !!
i love the clowns,my grandson would love them too,
when we go to the fish shop he always askes.....
"me go see nemo" he's 2 1/2 bless him.
are you planning on anymore fish,or are the clowns to be the only ones. ?
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thanks!!! atleast someone cares lol

well theres the 2 clowns and an orange spotted watchman goby that you rarely see because he likes to hide in and thru-out the caves and tunnels

theres a few things id like to see in my tank.. a yellow head jawfish.. maybe a clown goby.. maybe a royal gramma.. when i upgrade prob. a yellow tang.. its really fuzzy lol as im not 100% on what i want to stock..i guess ill make acomidations as i go.
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i'm not up on marine fish,however they will i have no doubt
be really pretty fish,marines always seem to be.
i miss that with fresh water,my tank feels like it needs something
with a splash of colour.
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yea, thats pretty much why my freshwaters all evaporating and salts taking over. i mean i still have some fresh tanks but eventually it will just be one nice salt water system.
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post #26 of 327 Old 09-29-2008, 12:50 PM
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have you posted pictures of all your tanks,
i'm such a ninny i've probably missed your posts.
no excuses really i should pop on over to the saltie pictures more often,
they are so pretty.
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what is that hairy thing in the bottom left corner
your tank looks great and they are awesome pics to
cant wait to see the big tank set up

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post #28 of 327 Old 09-29-2008, 05:21 PM Thread Starter
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thank you thank you!

lmao the hairy thing is green star polyp (gsp if your down with the lingo)
theres actually 2 different green colorations there, one is bigger and stands out more then the other

and YES! i cant wait until my bigger tank is setup up either.. i feel like im out of room in this tank already lol and theres a frag swap coming up on oct. 25th so yea . . . but theres work to be done on the bigger tank.. like paint the back, build a stand, plumb my old sump to it and so on and so on .. but yea i def. cant wait . . .

and thanks again!
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I'm guilty of not looking at saltwater related posts as I only do freshwater. I'm glad I finally popped in. Your tank is soooo nice. I love the life & color that is in your tank. The clowns are adorable. You've done a great job. Looking forward to your larger one.

May I also take great photos!!
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post #30 of 327 Old 09-30-2008, 12:29 AM Thread Starter
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well thank you!

im glad im getting everyone to finally come out of the woodwork and check out some salty tanks

and thanks for the comment on the photos.. alot of people say they're great but i personally feel they arent the best - prob. due to my parents not so great digital camera ive been using.. but i guess if people claim they like them i must be doing something right!
hopefully everyone will get to look at a much bigger tank in a few months.. hopefully.. im just ( if not more) excited about it as everyone else...
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