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i like both. :)
keep it up. :)

when you set up a new tank,hide an extra
sponge or two behind some decor,that way you have
something seeded for you next filter.
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Originally Posted by onefish2fish View Post
lol, thanks.

could you imagine a skimmer that big!? im willing to be thats a fish store, distributor or someone with a couple thousand gallon system. you can see some tanks off in the background, prob. propogation tanks
A few months back I was able to take a tour at a FW and SW fish distributor's local facility. They had a skimmer about that size running on their FRESHWATER systems. I was very surprised to see the foam that it was producing. The owner said he had been using them on his personal ponds at home for a long time and finally decided to make the step over to the freshwater systems at work.

He said the key was maintaining the prefect amount of salt, which he kept at levels of "one tablespoon per gallon". He also said that he was unable to get this type of performance with any of the smaller models, but was successful with his large down draft skimmer.

It was interesting to see a skimmer that large in person.
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i would imagine, think how big they must be at aquariums, i'd say atleast that size now thing of the size pumps feeding that thing, they must be HUGE!

i knew a guy that ran a skimmer on a freshwater tank
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a few shots,
hairy mushroom


astrea turbo; foot and mouth

atrea turbo; shell

kenya tree

not sure; cynarina i believe or something else which the name escapes me.

conch, you can see its eyes

now you can see why it reminds me of the star wars thing, you can see the eyes and the long thing sticking out is its mouth.
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AWESOME!! I totally see the Star Wars thing. This conch is what was probably George Lucas' inspiration!

If you don't stand up for something you'll fall for anything...
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i think so!

and i swear the creator of finding nemo had a saltwater tank and made a movie about it, they just had to of
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The team for Finding Nemo became scuba certified and then they were all forced to go diving and learn about the ocean and get a better feel for what they were making... Poor crew being forced to dive...

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and my lights

if you look at the left actinic it is burnt out or on its way out rather. these bulbs are 4-5 months old
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my MRC-MR2 skimmer and when it overflows/drains some birch beer best left in the bottle.

and i went to a reefing meeting saturday and here is a picture of one of the guys tanks, the shot was taken from my camera phone so it really doesnt do any justice but you can see...acans! there everywhere! and he had expensive anthias and piscassos.
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i traded someone today and got frogspawn, orange crush acan colony and a tiny chip of ponape birdsnest for a 7 polyp purple death frag and 20 or so mini colony of watermelon and gorilla nipple zoos
heres the acan:

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