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Love the herd of sexy shrimp. Very tempted to do that in my tank as well. Sorry to hear about your fish. I hope you are going to get more clowns I've seen some very nice Allardi''s recently.

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thanks. plans for fish in the future. i may go with my original plan of spotcinctus clownfish, maybe ill just get standard orange percs, i was also offered my original black and orange clown pair from 5 years ago but i declined at the time since i didnt have the space. i will prob. have a clown pair at some point but a yasha goby will prob. be the first addition and maybe ill get one in a month so it can sit a long time in QT.

i do need to get a phosban reactor on the tank, more flow, sump door, re-do plumbing, atleast 1 dolly for water change bin, and thats my short term list.
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heres not long after getting the black/orange pair sometime 2007-2008

here they are maybe a year or so later, you can see much deeper black in the female.

i dont think i want to disturb them and transport them from the tank they are in now. ill keep them in mind but i want to see what kind of clowns i can find available. i am not leaning towards spotcinctus clowns which was my original plan before finding those allardis.
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i also found this in some old pictures. i believe it was a cynarina which was given to me in this condition;

after many feedings it came back to its true beauty;

Theres actually a thread about this here:Scolymia or Cynarina lacrymalis

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i pulled the top half of staples off the plastic netting over my sump. i replaced these with 2 thumb tacks. this is much better to easily access the sump area but still keep it fenced off until i can build some sort of doors. i simply remove the tacks now and fold the netting down.

shot of the plastic netting down, showing access.

i picked up a miami hurricane chalice and behind it a small piece of fruit loops chalice

and a nice neon favia

colors look better but man its tough to photograph under LEDs. im still working on figuring out this camera too.

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ha i was just wondering where kitty was.

when you set up a new tank,hide an extra
sponge or two behind some decor,that way you have
something seeded for you next filter.
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hmmm...nice.i was wondering where i can grab a favia like that around here.i love little frags for the grow out.

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i actually traded a piece of my pink/green chalice ( no fancy name that i know of ) for that favia from a local reefer.
its another green coral but im happy with it, it really pops and i cant wait for it to be a larger colony.

dendros are what ive been on the search for. i recently did find a cheap tiny 2 head frag but its a 2 hour, one way drive from here. guess thats a day trip lol.

and man, looking back at those pics they look horrible. i need to learn how to shoot under LEDs.
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alittle better pictures with all the lights on
miami hurricane

tiny piece of fruit loops

green/pink chalice

alittle better but still not there yet on the pictures.

look who came out for a photo

i added a frag rack up front, figured atleast while im fishless.
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just my luck the tank sprung a slow leak last night. i came home to a small pool of water by the bottom front right corner. it wasnt much so originally i thought this was some splashed water. i went ahead and cleaned it up only for it to re-appear about 30 minutes later. i again wiped it clean hoping it was just water seeping from under the tank out onto the stand. when the puddle appeared a 3rd time i decided a leak was present. im glad i caught this now and not after having 40 gallons of water on my floor.
in my frustration of moving corals, lights and such from the tank to the sump i ended up breaking a glass jager heater. well, add that to the list of things to buy. i also ripped the rockwall off and doing this caused a crack across the back glass from where the hole was drilled to the edge of the tank. now the tank is def. done for. the only thing i can think of causing this is poor construction and/or the extra stress of the cats jumping ontop of the canopy.

ive considered throwing in the towel, but after sleeping on it i cant give up that easy.
in a way this is somewhat of a good thing. after removing the rockwall, a decent amount of detritus was exposed. i had a good feeling this would be of issue. my next tank will have a 3-5'' space between the glass and the rockwall prob. with a powerhead back there and holes in the back side of the rockwall to help with flow/allow fish to swim in and out of. im also considering a rock/foam structure for the center of the tank depending the new tanks dementions. im considering a shallow cube with low iron glass but no promises. my stand is 4 feet long by 2 feet wide. anyone with ideas, feel free to input.

and before this happened ofcourse i re-did my return plumbing..

and made this for my JBJ ATO. the bucket was white that i painted black, leaving the strip of white to view how much water is left. i have found it is easier to just tilt the bucket slightly to "feel" how much water is left. it was an extra $1-2 for this white bucket, oh well atleast its american made and im all for giving fellow americans something to do at work. i dont use the aqualifter on the hook either, it now sits ontop of the black lid ( not pictured ) which has a small hole drilled into it to accept the tubing.

and i picked up a 20 long in a coral trade to use for a QT, previously i was using a brute trashcan that didnt allow good fish viewing. i was upset to get it home to find that it wouldnt fit on my cart.

the carts inner dimentions are 30'' and thought i could fit it but forgot to account for the black trim around the bottom of the tank. it was so close to fitting and would have worked great there.

i did not want to modify my tank or my cart so i used the coffee table lol

i couldnt decide if i wanted it that way or this way

then i thought the cats would be jumping down on this from the other tank and didnt like that idea. it was also to hard to get cords and one of the temp probes from the RKL to the tank with an extension so i put it into a small closet on the right side of the tank.
i didnt even paint it. i used some thick black plastic i had and taped it well to 3 sides of the tank. i gave it a good taping, esp on the top edge under the plastic trim.

and finally, this is not mine. i visited a small local aquarium over the last week. heres an octopus unscrewing a jar to get its lunch.

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