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This is a discussion on Nick's 40g Build within the Saltwater Journals forums, part of the Aquarium Photography category; --> sorry about the clown going MIA :( but glad to hear that all is moving right along!!!!!!!...

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sorry about the clown going MIA :( but glad to hear that all is moving right along!!!!!!!
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Got out of work early friday and had time to visit the LFS and a local reefer. Got a Midas Blenny who is quickly becoming my favorite fish and a baby Kole tang. I know my tank is on the small side for the tang but he is not even silver dollar sized I think he will be fine for quite some time. Also got a bunch of new zoas, some leathers, a ricordea and an acan from a super nice local reefer looking to make room in his tank as he switches over to an SPS dominated system. I will post some pictures later when the lights come on an things open up.
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Originally Posted by njudson View Post
a baby Kole tang. I know my tank is on the small side for the tang but he is not even silver dollar sized I think he will be fine for quite some time.
I agree, your tank is small for a Tang. However, if you were going to pick a Tang, the absolute best Tang for a tank of your size is the Kole Tang. This is a very sturdy fish with a slower growth rate than most other Tangs, so it should be fine for some time. Just be certain to feed it algae sheets daily. I would cut small strips, so that they flow like strips of algae in the current, and attach them to a lettuce clip. It could take 10 to 12 feedings before it starts to eat the strips, so don't give up!
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Thanks for the tip on the nori sheets I will get some soon and see if hes interested. For now I am fighting a fair amount of algae in the tank so hopefully he will eat that too. He's eating frozen mysis for now and seems healthy but definitely skittish. I went to buy some zoas and got a ton of coral from a guy who needed to make some space. Picture time!




More Zoas


replacement clown

Midas Blenny - pretty happy he picked a rock front and center near my favorite coral as his homebase

Yellow Spotted Kole Tang - shy little guy

FTS - theres one rock growing a lot of algae and I think its because it gets a bit of indirect sunlight during the day.
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Looks great!!! Love your Ricordia and all the fish!!
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Lost my replacement clown last week. Not sure what happened to him but I think aggression from the other clown is the most likely explaination. I had witnessed some seeming minor fighting for dominance between the two but I am guessing it was worse when I wasn't around. I came home Thursday after work and he was on the sand with labored breathing. 2 hours later he was dead no visible spots or marks of any kind. My clown is going to be flying solo from now on I think. All 3 remaining fish seem perfectly healthy. My tang and blenny are becoming less shy and swimming out front more and more. Everyone is eating and looks healthy to my eyes.

One strange thing is that over the last 4 days or so I have had almost no evaporation. I generally check the salinity twice a day with my refractometer and had been topping off at these times with maybe .5 a gallon each time. It has been very humid the last couple days and my sg hasn't changed at all and there has been no visible evaporation from the tank which seems odd to me but is true also of both my FW tanks in the apartment. This is odd right? I tested my refracto against RODI water and it read 0 I will test it with the calibration fluid tonight to make sure its still accurate but I think its working well. I know evaporation will be reduced in the humid summer months but nothing in 4 days seems odd to me.
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Old 06-23-2010, 01:13 PM   #37
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Sorry about your clown :( Maybe that guy just wants to be alone?
Since I set up my 65g, I've had some weeks where I didn't even add any top-off water. Then some weeks I've had to add it several times. It seems to change all the time.

I forgot to add in my PP that I love your Midas Blenny. He's gorgeous!
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2 Months after adding LR

2 months in so far so good. Time to slow way down, 3 fish is perfect for now. Took some pics enjoy.


Ctenochaetus truncatus



Ricordea ... working on the algae

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wow looking reaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllll good!!! love it man get some crabs to eat that stuff up..LOL i know some will say they are the root of all that is evil but i love em!!
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Since my last update I've added 5 hermits and 5 more astrea snails. I also setup an Ecosystem Hang on Fuge with some sand, rubble rock and chaeto that I had been keeping in the display. I'm starting to do better in my battle against algae and I've managed not to add any fish or corals! Also I got the seachem Mag test kit and some Kent Tech M.

Test Results from last night-
Mag- 1320
Ca- 420
dHK- ~8.5
Salinity 1.025
Temp is going between 78 and 83 ... its been really hot here and sometimes my roommate will turn the AC off when he leaves I'm working on getting it more stable.

Luckily I am super busy during the summer which is helping me take it slower with the tank. My corals are all showing nice growth and my fish are getting much friendlier/braver. My Hammer coral is spliting, I first noticed some new little buds on the stalk about a week ago and one of the heads is also dividing. I'll see if I can get a good pic and post it later.
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