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This is a discussion on Nick's 40g Build within the Saltwater Journals forums, part of the Aquarium Photography category; --> Okay got some interest test results just now Salinity 1.025 Carbonate hardness 10 Calcium 380 Kind of the opposite of the results I had ...

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test results and some new rock

Okay got some interest test results just now

Salinity 1.025
Carbonate hardness 10
Calcium 380

Kind of the opposite of the results I had two days ago. I am going to attribute this mostly to the fact that I topped off with 5 gallons of Reef Crystals Saltwater. (to fill the tank the rest of the way to not to top of evap dont panic). Also I dosed 10ml of each part of the B ionic supplement the last two which I think I should keep up with today. Should I be worried that my levels changed so quickly? or is this normal in a new system?

In other news I got a few more lbs of some interesting live rock today. I had been talking to a guy online about his rock which he claims is very different from the LR that pet stores have. Accord to him his rock is aquacultured 3 years in a huge aquarium that mimics the vanatu region. Anyway he offered me a free sample to show me how great it is and I cant say no to free. Let me tell you this rock is very different from LFS live rock. for 1 its very dense like a normal rock and its covered in some sort of macro algae. It also smells like the ocean. Heres a picture

I am very curious to see what this rock looks like after a few days in my tank. I think I will be purchasing some snails and maybe a hermit or two in the near future to take care of some of the algae and detrius the rock brought along. I think in the long run this rock will be a good thing since I never really had much of an initial nitrogen cycle and I'm thinking i will for sure now.
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Old 05-23-2010, 10:04 AM   #22
The tank is looking great.

On the rock front, dense is not good. You want the lightest (and by deduction, the most porous) rock you can find as it has the largest surface area for bacteria to grow on.
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Old 05-23-2010, 12:59 PM   #23
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+1 on willies comment, no dense rocks!
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Had detectable ammonia the day after introducing the dirty new rock on Friday but its almost at zero again now. Other test results
Ca 420 - is this test (API) done when it turns pale blue or does it need to be more solid blue I'm having trouble deciding when im done
Hardness - 9 I've been dosing 2 part 10ml daily getting closer to consistent but not as good as I would like.
Salinity - 1.025 I'm not having a ton of evaporation and am being good about topping off with freshwater this is the one parameter I feel like I'm doing well with
Nitrates - .5 - 1

Diatoms are coming I can see more of them now then when I turn the lights on earlier. I would guess its gonna be full bloom soon.

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Old 05-24-2010, 09:52 PM   #25
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aw man this was the really hard part for me i say them coming and i was glued to the tank so i wouldnt "miss" anything LOL ...... man im gettin all excited just check out your pix
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Old 05-26-2010, 01:25 PM   #26
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Looking good!
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first maintenance

Got 5 cerith snails and did my first water change this morning. ~10 Gallons. Also redid my rock work. Set out trying to make 2 islands but ended up building a wall of rock. Managed to stir up my sugar size sand again will post a tank shot of the new rock work when it clears.
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Old 05-30-2010, 10:31 AM   #28
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New Friends

I added 2 B&W Ocellaris Clowns on Friday and the little guys are doing great and more importantly I didn't see any detectable ammonia after adding them. I also got a peppermint shrimp who I haven't seen in a few days but I am fairly sure he molted and is hiding.

Salinity -1.025
Temp -78
Ca - 400
Alk - 10

Trying to get that calcium up and encourage some coraline growth. I've seen a few small patches of what I assume is hair algae.

I took some pictures with the lights off this morning.

Lights on

It's much tougher to get a decent picture of a fish than a coral! I've revised my stocking plans a little. The new plan is to add a Midas Blenny and then an Orchid Dottyback in the next month to 6 weeks and then wait for my tank to mature enough that I feel comfortable adding the Coral Beauty. Corals that I want soon - Ricordeas, Hammer. But I want my Ca and Alk levels holding solid before I try the hammer.
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Old 06-03-2010, 10:00 AM   #29
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One of my clowns in missing :( but I couldn't find him on the floor either so there is hope.
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quick update

Well today is 1 month after adding live rock and I am starting to see coraline spreading on my dry marco's rock. My rocks are now white with pink speckles! and are getting more pink / purple by the day and the tank is doing great. Just wanted to say thank you for preaching the importance of Alk and Ca.
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