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I will have to take some new picture of the back as I have since cleaned up all the wiring and such.
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i was just about to ask if the only way to get into is a secret room behind the wall...

fishie fishie fishie
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Thanks! I always love to see the "how it works" side of things. Great set up!
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What kind of corals and how much live rock do you have in it? It looks awesome. Nice work.
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I have 185 LBS of live rock in the display
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Very very nice Roger. It's nice to see the progress you've made. The halide ballasts, Euroreef skimmer, and Hydors all look great. How satisfied are you with the choices you've made, be it gear or building it in wall.

BTW, did you remove a return air vent? It appears that your HVAC system used to be in that jut out. If so I'd bet that the 2 lower grills were return air grills, especially as they don't appear to have an adjustable louver. If so bear in mind that you should enlarge the remaining grill to about double the size so as not to restrict the flow of air through it.
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I am very happy with the inwall build. I would do that again for sure. I like the ER skimmer. I am going to move into a large model soon as I am stocking the tank a bit more then I should. I am happy with the K4 for the money. I am going to redo my return lines and put them on a 4 way ocean motion and have 6 1/2 inch returns to create more random flow.

I didn't remove the air vent as I have have 2 more of them 3 total in the living area alone. I did add an AC vent in the ceiling of the fish room to help with any heat problems. I haven't had any yet. I just put in an Aqua Controler and I love it!!!!

as far as the lighting I wish I would have gone with all 400W instead of 250W on each side and the 400W in the middle. You can't tell by looking at the tank that one is more W then the other, but I get better growth and color under the 400W then the 250W bulbs. I am running the Hamilton 14K bulbs on HQI balists. when it is time to change the bulbs I am going to go with phenoix bulbs 14K

I am also going to add a cal. reactor as I have been making my own 2 part cal alk. mix, but now the dowflake has changed there formula and we are not sure if it will be save in our reefs any more. it will be cheeper to got the the reactor then dosing B-ionic.

Also going to add a carbon reactor and a phosban reactor in the next couple weeks.

The tank just needs a couple of years to grow in now!!!

Thanks for the kind words.
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Originally Posted by Age of Aquariums
What kind of corals and how much live rock do you have in it? It looks awesome. Nice work.
as far as corals I have many. I am slowly changing to a SPS dominated tank.

I have
Brown toadstool
Yellow toadstool
Large colt coral
Kenya Tree
Large colony of cabage leather
large colony of pulsing xenia
Blue ricordia
Red ricordia
8 different kinds of zoanthids
watermellon mushrooms
purple mushrooms
blue mushrooms
large colony or hair mushrooms/ elephant mushrooms
2 large finger leathers
1 green tree coral

green open brain
tourch coral/ frogspon

Superman montipora
Green montipora with green polyps
rainbow montipora
green montipora cap
purple montipora cap blue polyps
red montipora cap red polyps
Teal stag
3 green slimers
ORA green birds nest
pink birds nest
yellow cup
nean green montipora long grass like polyps
3 large Green stag with neon green polyps
tri color acro
blue tort
Orange digitata
Blue blue tip stag
Brown blue tip stat
nean yellow stag
Blue blue tip millipora
Bright blue tri color stag

I think that is all the corals I have in the tank as of now
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So now that you've been bitten by the halide bug I assume you'll now team up with me when we explain why high par lighting is so important. I think your system is going to work out very well over the long run. You are a prime example why buying high quality gear from the start is important. With such small clearance to the tank I'm sure you will vouch for not ever wanting to have to go in and replace broken equipment. You should be able to do a quick 400w ballast change to up your lighting, I believe be it DE or SE your sockets will be the same as 250w. I see them all the time on my local club for cheap if you want some help looking. I've got a bit of efflo growing out right now. Remember me in about 6 months and I should be able to frag a bit as a gift for you. Nothing like having a coral worth $300 or more.
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