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Wow, this is gonna be a great tank. I'm still a newbie of 2 months with a FWT, but this is what I eventually want. Happy Fishing.
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UPDATE!! Rearranged my rocks and added some fish

i was at the LFS saturday and made some nice purchases, yesterday i rearranged all my rocks and leveled my sand. Now my tank contains the following:

-Yellow CowFish
-Yellow tail blue Damsel
- Black and Gold damsel
- an eel looking fish ( name unknown) pic included
- blood fire shrimp
- peppermint shrimp
- 10 hermit crabs
- 4 turbo snails
- emerald crab

What do you guys think?

this is the unknown fish that looks like an eel

my tank
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is that a pipe fish..hope you have a lot of copapods and your system is well established..i have not had alot of luck with the cowfishes.nice rock work ..its gonna be real nice.

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SLOW DOWN! not shouting at you but this is important so i stress slow it down. you are probably going to have serious probles with ammonia and nitrites as the tank cycles. start testing for ammonia and if it starts to climb, remove all the livestock and ask the lfs to hold them while your tank cycles. the lfs will probably try to sell you all kinds of stuff to combat this process and at least with my experience it's best to let it occur naturally otherwise you';; end up spending big $ and still lose livestock. it usually takes a least a month for this to happen. most livestock will die if that happens and if you add too much fish at one time the biological filter will not be sufficient to react to the new load you're putting on it. the first mistake a newbie makes is to move too fast, the second is over feeding. just some friendly advice.

for reference this is what happens in a newly set up tank and the cycling process. ammonia and nitrite needs to go to zero or death will occur to most live stock.

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Your tank and your fish both are very cute and impressive and reflects your taste.Its a example for others that how they should settle and manage their tanks.
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@reefsahoy It has been about 3 weeks now that it's been cycling and I test my water every day. So far everything has been as great last week I threw in a raw shrimp and left it for a day (this process was done before any fish were inside) after a day I removed the shrimp and check my water the ammonia was up to .25 so I left it alone and the next day my nitrate was up to 10. So I checked the next day all the levels were good. So I started adding my CUC slowly a couple a day and tested the water daily all the numbers were good so I bought two damsels And my levels were still good for a week and I bought the cowfish and the shrimps. Am I on the right track?
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that depends lot on the quality of the live rocks you got. the LR is the backbone of the aquarium as far as biological filtration is concerned. if the rocks are good then the cycling would have occurred quickly which seems to be your case. just keep an eye on the ammonia, and nitrite levels. if they begin to elevate then beware. if you started with dead rocks then for sure the cycle process will begin soon and you'll need to remove all the livestock otherwise they'll all die.

100 Gal SPS Rimless, 2X250 Watt + 4T5's Giesemann infinity, Bubble King Mini 200 skimmer, Ca reactor, DIY Kalk Reactor. See my Reef aquarium in HD video

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