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My 20g tank

Just thought i`d post afew pics of my tank. its a 20g curved front tank. its only been going for about 3 months but its coming along well i think.

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it's really lovely. :)

when you set up a new tank,hide an extra
sponge or two behind some decor,that way you have
something seeded for you next filter.
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Thanks. so far i`ve got two clown fish, a sadle back puffer and a blue tang pluss two camel shrimp. ive got a toad stool coral. a sun coral and a couple of golf balls and the rest i dont know what they are but i liked them in the shop.
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So is that a Regal Blue Tang. As in dory in finding nemo. i don't know much that is why i have this post can you help?

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I heard u shouldn't have tangs in a small tank like looks good, how is it doing???
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I'm glad you posted this thread. We have an opportunity here to help you avoid obvious long term problems. Hopefully you take this advice with an open ear.

You have a Blue Tang, aka Hippo Tang, aka Regal Tang, aka Dori, more accurately Paracanthurus hepatus. In the wild, this particular species of fish reaches 75% of its adult size in the first year of its life. As adults they can reach 14 inches in length. This is important because when kept in a small aquarium fish are exposed to chemicals in the water which stunt their growth. Read carefully... we are NOT talking about ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, phosphate, etc. Even if you have perfect water "chemistry", the growth will be inhibited.

When a fish has a stunted growth rate, it does not develop properly. There is no question or random chance invovled in this discussion, your fish will get sick. Its immunity will begin to suffer and it will catch disease. The first sign is generally ich. At this point you will have ich in a reef system and your options for treatment will be minimal.

The point is, you can make a smart decision today and save yourself this experience. You need to return the Tang to your LFS and buy a fish of appropriate size for this aquarium.

Moving on... you purchases Sun Coral, aka Tubastrea. There are 2 problems here. First, this is an extremely difficult species to maintain, so hopefully you are prepared for the daily feeding challenges. Second, Tubastrea is a "hard coral". It has sweeper tenacles that reach out and attempt to sting other corals. Placing a hard coral in a heavily stocked small aquarium is going to cause problems, especially given the close proximity of placement that you have chosen based on the picture.

Now, all of this being said, you are new here. I have no idea what your experience level is, so perhaps you are prepared to quickly move these corals and fish into larger tanks. I am posting this thread for the reader as much as I am to bring your attention to these issues.

The tank looks nice, by the way. Good luck.
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I have heard of many Camel Shrimp that eat some type of coral as well. Can't remember what, though.

And be careful with the puffer. pasfur covered the rest.
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It looks good. What's the big white thing in the picture to the center left? it Kinda looks like a toadstool, but no too sure. When you take the pics try to use a tripod (if you have one) and is that a nem i see in the back? Have you had any issues with it walking over anything?

Yes, the puffer is a problem if you aren't feeding it. You can check out many tips and tricks when it comes to puffers at .

the tank is only 3mo and i'd say you may want to take it a bit slower and you may want to wait just a bit before you get any more livestock in the tank. One thing you're going to find with a tang is that they poop a lot (a long with puffers) and that they require high maintanence. Also, with the tank getting smaller to the fish they have a record of nipping corals (this has a low chance of happening but you need to be aware just in case). Do you have a skimmer, and if you do what kind? do you run a sump or refuge if yes, how many gallons? what kind of lighting are you using? especially with the anemone in there you're going to need good lighting 5watts per gallon min.

I hope you find the info here as helpful and that any comments or criticism that you may recieve that it's for the benifit to help you critique your tank and get the most of what you spend so much time on.

Happy reefing!

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how may gallons is the tank? I heard tangs need really big tanks


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welcome to

as already covered there are issues here. the puffer will get big, eat every snail, hermit, and shrimp you own, possibly eat the smaller clown, and the tang is unacceptable in a tank this size. Please DO NOT buy things on impulse and research before even making an attempt to add anything. Honestly, with no intention to scare you, but this tank will not last very long with this kind of attitude.

infact, those look like maroon clowns to me but i cannot clearly tell from the picture. if this is the case then these 2 clowns alone IMO is about all i would put and maybe a goby.
i hear anemones in the wild live to 200 years old and ive also heard in the right conditions they are eternal, meaning they do not die. adding one to a small 3 month old tank is risky business. do you feed it,what and how often? is it an anem and what kind, looks like a RBTA?

on the plus side it is a nice looking tank, looks like a few leathers, zoathids, xenia, looks like a torch with an anemone to the right side of it, feather dusters. . .

could you post more about your tank please. what kind of flow, lights, filtration, what are you alk,ca,mag,pH,temp,SG,ammonia,nitrite,nitrate levels?
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