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The stand it's on has started bowing. ahh! Hubby has decided that if we're going to buy another we might as well get a bigger one. So now we're getting a 90g and a new stand.
I think the stand it was on is the problem. It couldnt support the weight and it caused excess pressure on one spot causing the leak.
We have some new big garbage cans we're going to use. At least it happened early on and not after fish were put in.
But the good news is..we have a bigger tank! lol
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oh,superb nice...
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More bad news..
We put the tank in the back of the suv, and tied the stand on a trailer. About a mile before we got home, I looked back and saw the stand was gone! An 18wheeler had passed us and sucked it right off the trailer. We turned around and found it laying on the grass, perfectly intact.After inspecting it it still seemed fine and sturdy.

I have moved everything into the 90, and the skimmer and powerheads are going. We couldn't really prevent the water from getting cloudy again, and whenever I reaquascape it gets cloudy again =( .
It's a little late now after I've already filled the tank up but i had a concern about the stand I bought.
I had the old tank sitting on a desk. The new stand for the 90g came from the lfs. Every aquarium stand I saw didn't have a "top". The tank just sits on the edges. The guy there told me that you don't want anything but the edges touching the stand, if it did it would cause too much pressure. I'm just wondering if I should build a brace to go under it. I've never had an aquarium this big so I'm not familiar with this at all. The tank fits perfectly on there and it's made of wood. I think I'm going to paint some boards black and put them all the way around the bottom of the tank, so that it doesnt have any chances of slipping off. I have a young daughter just starting to walk ( we don't have the tank in the play area-it's baby gated off from that) and I just have some fears about all this.
I'll try to post some pictures to show what I'm talking about.
My powerheads are a combined 1300gph flow, is this still enough flow for this size tank?
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Originally Posted by DYHamazon View Post
My powerheads are a combined 1300gph flow, is this still enough flow for this size tank?
That is over ten times the volume of the tank, so I think you are fine.

I am sorry I have not read through the thread, what kind of tank are you planning on? Reef or FOWLR? The turnover rate for reefs are higher than FOWLRs; I personally shoot for about 25 times (I probably overdo it a little). I use a HK2, HK3 and a HK4 for circulation, and an Eheim Compact+ 5000 pumping my water up from my sump.

You are fine keeping it at ten times the volume of the tank for now, and if you want to just stick another powerhead in there at any given time, you wouldn't be hurting anything.

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