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ahh that stinks....there goes half my rock formation...haha....thanks for the advice..
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Pasfur, why would the old coral cause gha? I used old coral skeletons and have not had any gha in my new tank and I have an 8 bulb t5 fixture running on my tank for 6 hours each day. Run some carbon in your sump, chaeto, and get a varied cuc and you will probably be fine... In fact, in my old set up, I didn't have any old cora skeletons,and I had a gha problem, and now I have at least 5 and some are the more prominent pieces in the tank.
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at this point ill be thrilled to have SOMETHING growing in of right now i sit and stare at the tank waiting for somethign to happen. I didn't buy very much live rock (5lbs) so i know the cycling is going to take ALOT longer. When i get a few extra bucks ill be buying more live rock to help the process along.

heres an update shot....water level is still low until i finish my plumbing. I dont want to raise the level and then have to lower it again. Picking up my skimmer and 30L tank (for sump) on wednesday, then all i need are some acrylic pieces, some silicone, and a retun pump. Oh and the rest of my PVC. Eventually. anyways, heres that pic:
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looks good man. jms that your have some middle level areas to place coral. It looks as if all of the rocks are stacked directly on top of each other. If you plan on keeping all softies, and you have an intense lighting ( idk if you do I cant remember) you may have to much lighting on them. As you mentioned though, you will be picking up some more. I would check craigslist. 75 percent ofmy rock is live, and it only cost me 3 dollars per lb. Lfs is charging 10 for uncured live and 14 for cured.... all mine is cured and only 3 per lb. You will find some great deals on there. Good luck with everything!!! Look forward to seeing your plumbing etc.
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btw that is a really really dsb. is the rock stable and placed on egg crate? jw, it doesnt have to be, but if you plan on keeping some sand sifters taht is something to consider....
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Wow. That sand bed is deep, just looking at it. Perhaps it is the camera angel. Have you actually taken a ruler to measure the depth? If you get above 6'' there are issues to consider long term, as nutrients tend to become trapped in the lower layers of the sand and then released back into the aquarium after many months to years.

For the most part, staying between 4'' and 6'' has proven most effective.

By the way, don't underestimate the ability of your sand to be biologically active and assist in the cycling process. You probably want more rock, but it won't be needed for the cycle. You really just need more rock to provide sufficient shelter for all of the living creatures you will have in this tank, including fish, shrimp, crabs, snails, and smaller life forms.
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yea the DSB does look deep, but i've measured it, 4inches in some places and 6 in others, i've used about 120lbs or so of sand. Used the play sand from Lowe's. It said nothing about having silicia in it, so i figured id try it out. It is a very fine sand too and i've read that helps. After reading more on DSB's i took some base granite rock and put that on the bottom of the tank and placed my "nicer" rock ontop of that.....The tank just cleared up this morning and im not liking the way it looks at all.

I do plan on adding more rock, but i dont have the funds right now, will be getting my skimmer soon (which i've read up on and actually is pretty good, and there are a lot of mods that can be done to it to increase performance) as well as my tank for my sump, as soon as i have money for a return pump i will finish up the plumbing.

I dont think there was much life on my "live" rock, at least nothing bigger than bacteria and some algae. I think im going to buy a detrivore kit from the web to help with seeding the tank. as well as purchase some live sand, i posted on another forum in a local section asking locals for a cup or two of their live sand, but no replies. So we'll see. Ill post more pics of the new rock layout, once i get it so it looks nice. (water is stinking a bit, so im guessing thats a good thing)
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You can ask your LFS for a small handful of the scum at the bottom of their live rock vat. Just broken pieces of rock, usually crushed and useless to them. This will help seed the sand.

Even the experts have a difficult time forming the same opinion on the sand you are using. Some sources have reported problems, but there is not even definitive conclusion that silicate is capable of being released from the sand at the pH levels maintained in a reef environment.

I would simply do everything you can to control phosphates and maintain good water movement. Also be sure to get some critters in that tank soon to keep the surface of the sand stirred up. A handful of Blue Leg Hermits would do the trick.
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well i am picking up another 60lbs of live rock, a 30 gallon tank + stand, 10 gallon tank for QT, 2 pepperment shrimp, and a few snails, as well as 30lbs of live argonite sand this wednesday. hopefully this will help the progress. Should i wait until the ammonia levels are at 0 before i had the shrimp? It seems like the top layer of sand has turned darker brown overnight, this seems to be a good thing as things are moving around.
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Good idea on picking up more rock. Make sure it has some nice coraline. I would wait until your ammonias zero before adding any life. No reason to risk wAsting any money now. Good luck.
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