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Finally some pics

This is a discussion on Finally some pics within the Saltwater Journals forums, part of the Aquarium Photography category; --> Ok, here are some updated pics. The tank is just over 6 months old. Specs: 78F, 1.024, Alk 10-12DKH, Cal 420-450ppm, Nitrate 0. I ...

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Ok, here are some updated pics. The tank is just over 6 months old.

78F, 1.024, Alk 10-12DKH, Cal 420-450ppm, Nitrate 0. I have a 4'' aragonite sand bad, Odyssea skimmer, UV sterilizer, and an AquaClear hang on that I run with only activated carbon.

I add Kent Marine Liquid Calcium daily and Kent Marine Supper Buffer every 3rd day. Iodine is no longer added.

Every coral in my aquarium was purchased as a cropping. Not a single coral was taken from the ocean.

My Green Star Polyp is spreading fast. It has spread over 6 inches in every direction.

The Hammer Coral has nearly tripled in size.

I just added this mushroom rock last weekend.

This Toadstool Leather was smaller than my thumb when purchased. Today it is almost fist size.

Here is my weed. Uhm, I mean my Xenia. Look at the pictures posted at the beginning of this thread. The Xenia was only 2 stalks and only a few inches in size. Today it totals 5 individual colonies and is larger than a soccer ball when fully open.

Sorry about the picture quality. These came from my cell phone. I still haven't purchased a digital camera.
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where has this thread been hiding?

i really like the barnicles in picture #1 however do you see a problem with debris getting caught in the opening of the barnicles?

you should look into barnicle blennys
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I love the barnicles. I know most people keep only live rock in their reef, but I like the mixed look of artificial corals and live rock mixed together. And after all... it is my reef

I vacuum inside the barnicle openings, but I rarely get anything out. I have tremendous water movement in my tank, so very little settling of debris occurs, especially near the top of the water column, which is where my barnicles are placed.
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gosh,it's comming along really wel. :)
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An updated pic of the growth in my tank. The green star has been recently thinned, sharing about 1/3 of the colony with a friend. The toadstool leather is growing very fast now, and will certainly be a nice centerpiece one day in my 180.


Edit: This picture doesn't look as nice as it did on the camera! Oh well, its already posted. I need to take an aquarium photography class!
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