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Dive Photos

a friend of mine loves diving and taking photos underwater, so these are totally his that i stole to show off to you guys :D, please do not steal, these are awesome photos i kno but remember they arent mine or yours!

i didnt know many of the fish, so i got the labels from him. enjoy!

location: grand cayman, the caribean

a wrasse of some sort

worms of some sort

idk what this is, neither did he

trumpet fish couple

trigger fish

tiger grouper

tiger grouper again

tiger grouper getting cleaned, see the little cleaner in its mouth?

a stone fish

red snapper

purple sponge?

parrot fish

nurse shark sleeping, cute.

nassau grouper

mirco shrimp

lettuce sea slug


hawksbill sea turtle

grey angelfish

frog fish- very rare in the caribean.. idk if its even supposed to be here.

french angelfish

flamingo tongue

some coral

some more coral

caribean spiny lobster

hidding blenny[/code]

fishie fishie fishie
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Wow those are all sooo gorgeous!!!
I'm going to the Caribbean this summer and doing some diving, I hope I get as good of pictures as he did!

My Fish Are The Bomb <3<3
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beautiful pictures thanks for sharing,

when you set up a new tank,hide an extra
sponge or two behind some decor,that way you have
something seeded for you next filter.
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Wow, those are great pics! Props to your friend. I love the pic of the jawfish...looks like he's standing up saying "You lookin' at me?"

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Gorgeous photos.

I love how you say you stle them from him, and then ask us not to steal, LOL,

I won't, of course.
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awsome pics!! i've always wanted to go diving and take pics like that!
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Amazing pics. Thanks for posting.

I have been snorkeling in Hawaii, but divivng in the Carribean is 10 times better. :)
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Awesome pictures
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Wow, AMAZING !! I love the frog fish !
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