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Did you forget about the pistol shrimp???

If you don't stand up for something you'll fall for anything...
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I'll be getting a Firefish soon.
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Did you use some tufa rock, seeded as live rock, in your display? How is that working out?
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wow cody, that really does look great. we got a born natural on our hands lol
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Nice. How do your parents not go nuts. Big project. I'm restricted to 8 tanks. Got to many
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Hey guys! First post from new member. Hey Cody, I'm also from Colorado. I was wondering what part of town your in and what your favorite LFS is.
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Love the look of the setup especially the cave going through the live rock.
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post #98 of 128 Old 04-15-2009, 06:38 PM Thread Starter
Pasfur, I didn't use Tufa rock as far as I know. The LFS might have, though.

JDubb, my favorite LFS is Aquamart (previously Premier Reef or Fish, something like that), but I visit Great Barrier Reef most often because it is closest.
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post #99 of 128 Old 04-16-2009, 02:51 AM
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Ah cool. I've never herd of those before, i might have to check them out. I like the fish den and liquid kingdom but both can be over priced sometimes.
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post #100 of 128 Old 05-24-2009, 06:05 PM Thread Starter
Well, I'm "back" after a few weeks off. Just thought I would let everybody how the tank is doing.

As far as new additions of Corals, it hasn't grown too much. But, I have added:
-Joker Zoas
-Candy Cane
-Small GSP Rock
-Monti Cap Frag (First SPS)
-Small Purple/Green Toadstool

I also added two new fish. One is a Blue Flasher Wrasse. And my new favorite that I shelled out a good amount of cash is... a Mystery Wrasse. He is gorgeous.

The Female Clown is big and fat now. Male is still small, obviously. YWG is doing great, and is bigger everyday.

As far as future plans for the tank: I am going to slowly turn this into a mostly LPS tank with some SPS mixed in. I am going to sell the two Kenya Trees at the Top of my tank for SPS like Birdsnest, and then sell my red mushrooms. I am going to be putting in Frogspawn and Hammer frags/decent sized pieces where the mushrooms are, and on the ledge on the far right. That top part will be SPS as well.
Basically, take away some softies and add some Hammers/Frogspawn and SPS. Most likely some Bubble Coral or Brain Corals on the sand as well.

My old surface skimmer is in this tank as well; I was having a surface scum problem. I'll just warn everyone know that I have a slight algae problem as well. Nothing very crazy, though.

Pics tomorrow, most likely.
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