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Thats what i thought when i saw that surface skimmer, howd you like it??? I might grab one and throw it in my old 10g (aka frag tank).
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As for the corals, I think I am just going to drop that guy's deal now. Hasnt been on since June 25th and hasnt responded to anything. Too bad though, the corals were gorgeous.
too bad cody
are you going to try to get some more

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post #63 of 208 Old 07-12-2008, 10:44 PM Thread Starter
Yea, I'm going to try to find some more.

Oh, and if anyone cares, my 5G tank crashed. The Cardinal Tetras are living in a 5G bucket with water from my 30G, the filter and heater, some hornwort, and the hood for light. I'm making a thread as suggestions as to what to do.
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Wow, 2.5 months since my tank started? And I still have yet to add any coral or fish.

Sorry I havent been active in this or anywhere else latley, I have had a lot going on, and school happens to be right around the corner.

Anyway, I tested my params today, and it was what I have been waiting for.
Ammonia: 0
'trites: 0
'trates: 0
pH: 8.2/8.3
Forgot to test SG, but I will do that tommorow.

Everything in my tank is doing great; I have many Limpet snails now, a lot of pods, insane growth of caulepra and other macro, and a bunch of other things. Happened to found what I beleive is a Sundial Snail tonight (very bad). I tried to pull it out, but its mouth/spear mead basically bit me, and my finger still stings a bit. Nasty little thing that I cant find now.

Fuge still not up; been to busy to even think about that, lol. Soon though, hopefully (hope to order rest of supplies on Sunday). And, I want to buy some corals on Sunday, or possibly a fish if I have the money. Little Blackcap Basslet has been tempting me, but I dont want to blow all my money on a fish when I need other stuff (this guy is ~$58, and I only have $64 at the moment, sad I know). :) I might pick up a few more Astreas, as they havebeen slacking a bit. Lol

Well, we will see when I can get the new pictures up. Oh, and dont let me forget to post pictures from my vacation of the reef tanks they had at the zoo. Very cool.
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ok its sunday were are the pics?? jk .
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First Corals Added

Today was a decent step; my first corals were added! Its not much right now, but I wanted to start small before I go big. I purchased ~25-35 polyps of unnamed Zoas (will try to ID them; brown with green insides and blue-ish mouth), a small rock of Green Star Polyps, and a free stalk or two or Pipe Organ Corals. Here are the updated pictures that have not come in forever.

FTS (still have algea problems, hopefully fuge will fix that):

Flower Anem:


Zoas. In a cup because I'm trying to get them to attach to the rock. Have to have my filter pump off because too much flow is put off.

Pipe Organ coral (very small frag trying to attach to sand)

Caulerpa growth (going into fuge):

This is what Live Aquaria calls "Maiden's Hair Algea." This is gonig into the fuge as well.

And what on Earth is this? I have a few of these actually that pop in and out of holes, and when they see me, they zip back into the hole. Looks bad to me.

A few fish tanks from my vacation:
I was so intruiged by everything in this exhibit that I totally forgot to take pics of the HUGE main tanks and their inhabitants. So you guys get these (most are blurry):

Top down shot of one of the three HUGE amazon tanks:

And bf2king, I beleive you know what this is. :)
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Excellent Cody! I'd recommend you try to get rid of the caulerpa before too long. If it goes sexual, it can wipe out your entire tank.

Take pride in what you do, for it is a reflection of who you are.

The Haunting Grounds - SKAustin's Reef Diary - Part 2 (the 75g upgrade)
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+ 1 with austin, BTW have you researched the pipe organ?? just making sure because IDK if it can attach to sand.
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SKA - I'm going to be removing the caulerpa once my zoas attach to the rock, since most of it is right under that glass cup. Oh, and a question for you:
My zoas do not seem like they are attaching. One frag (three total frags) keeps moving too. Do you still say to use a rubber band? It seems like it would really bother them. I am going to be buying some coral glue for this most likely, and future investments, so should I wai untill that comes in?

Blue - Thanks for the heads-up. I researched it, and everything I saw looked like it was on a rock, so I moved mine to a rock with a rubber band.
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Originally Posted by Cody

Looks amazing Cody!

ʎɐqǝ uo pɹɐoqʎǝʞ ɐ ʎnq ı ǝɯıʇ ʇsɐן ǝɥʇ sı sıɥʇ
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