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Looking good still. what other fish are you looking to get if any more? and you're not going to use a skimmer right?
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Thank you everybody.

Kell, I'm not going to add any more fish untill I upgrade. When I do, I am going to be getting a Pearly/Yellow Headed (decided I dont want to spend $150 on a Blue Spotted) Jawfish, and hopefully a Cherub Pygmy Anglefish. I would have to be careful with the Angel I get a clam, though. If not the Angel, then I will have to look around.

And no, I don't use a skimmer. Weekly water changes are perfect to keep vital nutrients in, but to keep Params down. My 'trates are still a tad on the high side from the death of one of my Clowns, but it is dropping.
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what do you plan on upgrading to?

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A 24G Aquapod with a 150W Metal Halide Sunpod (Has 12 LEDS for moonlight)

Thats Reef talk for you...

If you want to see a stock setup, here it is.
Desktop Aquarium Kits: AquaPod 12 & 24 Gallon Nano Aquarium Systems
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It's gonna get lower as you do more water changes and the 150w? what will you use to keep it cool? fan accross top or will you be getting a chiller? i've got 2 175w mh on my 55g and it keeps my tank at 80 so i'm not worried, but the house is set up to 70. i think i need to start using fans.

also, how high up are you putting the Mh's up? i've got mine at 4in and they are doing well. My sps are loving it. will you change your coral type?
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BTW, yellowheaded jawfish... i love them and had one... he jumped and was hellafast. it was a sad sad day. it was my wifes fish.
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Kells, the Sunpod comes with stock fans. I am also going to most likely be hanigng it from 6-8", so that should help the heat. I am also going to be using a DIY eggcrate cover, so the heat can stay out.
I do want to try some easy SPS, like M. Digitata and Montipora...(Cant remember the name now for some reason) and Birdsnest.

New pics: Feeding day at the Zoo

Plate Coral chowing down on a glob of Mysis (had to use flash):

Flower eating:

Hermits looking for food:

Clown after his meal:

These were all taken after I was feeding. I do regular feeding with the Fish (Rub the block between my fingers). My Clown will eat from my hand. I sometimes have to spot feed Gobes. Then I spot feed my Plate and Flower Anem with a Turkey Baster, and today my Peppermint shrimp was actually eating from it. They both retreated to their caves/burrows after they ate.
Let me know what you guys think.
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Totally Awesome! Salt, one day, for me! I love all the wonderful colors, textures and shapes that salt offers. Cody my man, you have a sweet looking tank.

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yes i agree cody, tanks looking great! cant wait for the upgrade.

and you totally have to experience salt aunt kymmie.. i recommend it this much lol .. but seriously .. since i went salt, i personally dont think ill ever do fresh again (besides the angel fish my girlfriend keeps bugging me about lol)
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post #140 of 208 Old 10-25-2008, 11:46 AM Thread Starter
Thank you guys!

Yes Kymmie, salt is the best and doesn't compare to fresh. I still do like larger FW fish (like Oscars, Dempseys, etc), but I have no room for them. The little FW community fish do nothing for me (no offense everybody!).

My next tank, I am going to be leaving a ton of space of the sand for corals. I want to get many plates (at least 3), some clams (but they would be on rocks), and just corals that I dont want to spread fast.
I'm also going to try to keep the rocks off of every glass, so I have like an island of rock. I saw it in a build once, and it looks amazing.
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