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post #91 of 208 Old 10-04-2008, 04:23 PM Thread Starter
Yes, actually. I didnt think of it when I got it, but now I want them too.

I just boguht an absolute gorgeous rock of zoas. There are at least 3 types of Zoas, and one I know are whammin Watermelons. Others are Green/Yellow, and Green/Red. Acclimating right now.
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post #92 of 208 Old 10-04-2008, 11:07 PM
Cody, that tank is really incredible! It's come along very nicely. Black substrate looks awesome. :)

5.5 gallon: 3 snakeskin guppies/2 ADFs
28 gallon: still in the making (5 platies for now...)
5 gallon terrarium
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post #93 of 208 Old 10-04-2008, 11:53 PM Thread Starter

I'm sorry guys; I forgot our camera is with my dad who is gone untill Sunday (tommorow) evening. No pics till then. :(
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post #94 of 208 Old 10-05-2008, 03:38 AM
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congratulations cody on all your hard work,
the tank is lovley and the clowns are stunning,
i've got a spare tank hanging around
anyway i just wanted to say thank you for your updating
of this thread,and sorry for not popping in sooner.
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post #95 of 208 Old 10-05-2008, 11:30 AM Thread Starter
Thank you!

Now, I am having a bad SW day so far.
-I have a hermit crab missing, but I found an empty shell in the back of my tank.
- I found a crab molt on my plate, and when I tried to get it, it went into my flower anem and he ate it. Not a hermit molt. Like a crab about 1/2-3/4" in size that is orange.
-One of my clowns is gone. GONE. Looked under everything but the base rocks; in the skimmer, everywhere. He wasn't eating yesterday either. The other one is healthy as ever.

I'm going to ask around places...
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post #96 of 208 Old 10-05-2008, 12:52 PM
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yeah im having a really bad SW weekend, my 30g was just at that perfect cycled point and i was just about to add corals when, this friday, it sprouted a leak . its drained now, im just going to start new, sell my 55g fresh 20g fresh all my extra junk and my 30g stuff (keeping the corals in the 10g) and im getting a new tank, ive been doing all this used stuff and usually something goes wrong, well see what happens when i start throwing down real money huh.
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post #97 of 208 Old 10-05-2008, 01:25 PM
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oh no guys,sorry to see you having a hard time.
hope things perk up for you both.
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post #98 of 208 Old 10-05-2008, 01:27 PM Thread Starter
Well, pics are going to come around 3PM-4PM my time.

I found the missing hermit, the crab molt from what I asked around is fine. I still have absolutley no idea where my clown went. I will be testing for ammonia and nitrates when the lights come on to see if I have a dead body.

In good news, my other clown is being a little pig. Eats everything he sees and is very active and fun.
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post #99 of 208 Old 10-05-2008, 01:42 PM
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what time is it where you are now cody ?
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post #100 of 208 Old 10-05-2008, 01:49 PM Thread Starter
Almost 1PM.
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