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ammonia 0
nitrite 0
nitrate as close to 0 as possible ( if your tank is setup correctly, it should be 0 )
pH 8.2-8.4
temp 78-82
salinity 1.024-1.025
alk 9-12 dkh
ca 400-500
mag 1200-1300 ppm
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I appreciate it
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Also, I am going out of town next weekend, and I will not have anyone here that can top off the water! Of course this is a problem because I do not want my pump to run dry. The tank will only be in the cycling process then. Would I be fine just letting the tank sit uncirculated (maybe a powerhead near the bottom), so unfiltered for a few days.
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Originally Posted by mullinsd2 View Post
ya I already joined a chat there and had some negative feedback from a current member that I purchased stuff from. Are there any online charts that have the recommended amounts of nitrite, ph, calcium, alk, etc, listed so that I can just print them out? I want some sort of guide taht I can always have on hand while doing my testing until I actually memorize them.

Don't know of a chart (haven't searched), but you can print this out:

specific gravity: 1.021 - 1.026, I personally like 1.024
pH: 8.3 (get as close to this as you can), 8.1-8.4
Nitrate: close to zero as you can for reef tank, higher for FOWLR (depends on specific fish)
Alkalinity: 8-12 dKH
Calcium: 400-450
Magnesium: 1250-1350
Phosphate: keep at zero

"To an optimist, the glass is half-full;
to a pessimist, the glass is half-empty;
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I bought a 10 gallon starter kit today for a qt. All I have is what came with it. I still need to get a heater, but I was jsut wondering how you guys use your qt tanks and what you have in them.
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a heater, hang on back filter, bare bottom, pvc pipes/something for hiding and a powerhead.
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Right after filling with water
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Went and bought some Distilled (purple capped) water from walmart last night to use for my water changes, after the diatom bloom. Tank looks much more clear now. Skimmer still has not pulled any waste though (its been on for two days)
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Give the skimmer time to start pulling waste, a couple of reasons you should expect a delay like that:

(1) the skimmer is new, and still has manufacturing oils and such on it. The skimmer has to go through a "break-in" period, where new skimmers typically go for a week or so before they actually start producing good foam.

(2) the tank itself is brand new, and if you haven't put the liverock in it yet (the rock in the picture is your base rock right? liverock is still in the tub?), then there is no "waste" in the tank to be removed. Once you put the liverock in, it will take a couple/few days for some die-off to occur and for the organic material to begin to break down.

So don't worry about the skimmer! it's completely expected that it shouldn't be foaming yet, just let it keep running, and it will kick into gear in time.

"To an optimist, the glass is half-full;
to a pessimist, the glass is half-empty;
to an engineer, the glass is twice as big as it needs to be"
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Okay thanks for the info! The live rock is already in there,a nd you can see some of the purple coraline algae (think thats what it is) in the pic. Theres about 45-50 lbs of rock (20 is live. Will post a new pic soon.
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