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I have added a yellow watchman and pistol shrimp to the tank. THey are both veryyyyy small, so today I went and picked up two clowns! . I am also introducing 4 scarlet hermits to help with algae. There are about 10 snails in there, so hopefully there wont be to much fighting. More pics will be added later. Watchman wouldnt eat at first, but he is opening up to a mixture of brine and other food. Clowns have already been fed while acclimating.... they eat anything.......!
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it looks like you may be going alittle fast IMO. it doesnt look like the diatom has passed yet.

you may also want to consider using a QT for atleast 3-4 weeks before introducing a fish. a tank also needs time to mature. it can take months or even years to properly stock a tank. brine shrimp also isnt very high in nutrition so keep in mind to offer a mixture of different foods.

what kind of pistol?
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tiger pistol; and I am stopping here for a couple weeks before introducing any other fish... i said taht when I got the pistol and goby too , but I never see them and they are very very small.... I dont suspect that thy have added much to the bio load if any. I should have qt'ed the fish, but my qt isnt set up yet. Fish seem to be very healthy and eating well, so I am not very worried. When I do my next water change that water will go into the qt and I will run it for the next fish I plan to introduce: a royal gramma. I have offered brine shrimp garlic pellets and a mixture of different foods (they are all different) squid, clam, etc.
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Advice on diatoms...?
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Ok, so far so good, but lets slow it down. At this point you should not even be thinking about another fish for 4 to 6 weeks. Yes, I said 4 to 6 weeks. Which is ok, because you will want to quarantine that Royal Gramma for a good 3 weeks anyhow. They are very hardy, but also ich prone, so you want to allow time for observation in Q.

Those diatoms are childs play. Not bad at all.-) Just let them run their course. It will probably look worse before it gets better. Heck, your sand is still white! Be patient. Just when you think the diatom has ruined your love for the hobby forever, it will receed and be replaced by wonderful coraline algae growth! Assuming you keep the alkalinty and calcium in check.
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Did I mention that you need more rock? These fish are going to feel stress when they try to find a place to call home. I would nearly double your existing amount.

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I will do my best to introduce some more rock into the tank. Idk how much more I can fit because of them slim build of the aquarium; there is a lot more rock than it looks, but a lot is under the sand supporting the rock that you see! As for the diatoms, they have already covered the sand about a week or two ago, but they are pretty much all the way gone; the sand was the first place they formed. I thought it was okay to put fish in because all my readings had spiked and went down like expected, and I thought this meant the death of diatoms,too. Misunderstanding on my part. Thank you for the advice and reassurance. It can drive one crazy sitting there looking at that tank waiting for something to happen lol

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i agree on more rocks for sure. how much flow is that? refresh me please. is this going to be a reef? what lights? skimmer? sump? ..
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Theres only about 850 gph hydor 3 in there now.... I have another one, but it is not set up because it pretty much sent my pistol shrimp flying around the tank 5 times before I turned it off. Skimmer is aqua c remora with maxi jet 1200..... yes its going to be reef with nova extreme pro lighting no sump.. tank isnt drilled.
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One question! THe only test that is not coming back great is calcium. It is about 300-350 during the middle of a water change and 400 directly after....... I have only done one, but this has been my observation. Should I start supplementing now?
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