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beginning of my tank

This is a discussion on beginning of my tank within the Saltwater Journals forums, part of the Aquarium Photography category; --> yeah, the nassarius snails are awesome, that's what they do... they stay buried with their "nose" (elephant trunk) sticking up out of the sand. ...

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yeah, the nassarius snails are awesome, that's what they do... they stay buried with their "nose" (elephant trunk) sticking up out of the sand. As soon as you put food in the tank, they smell it, and will come busting up out of the sand and running around looking for morsels that make it to the bottom!
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Conger, do you recommend placing anything in there for the nas snails to eat? The sand bed did have a nice diatom bloom until I placed in a new hk3 (two total); this removed the diatom. So is the algae just mixed up in the sand now, or did it die off after being moved around? The turbos have a lot to graze on..... pretty much all of my rock has algae growth on it.
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thats a good question, to be honest i'm not positive, maybe pasfur or onefish or kells would have a more solid suggestion.

I didn't add nassarius snails to my tank until a while after I had set it up... not that its a bad idea to add them early, I just happened to not do it (if that makes sense). Once the tank has matured some, even if no food makes it to the bottom, there will be plenty of copepods and other microbial life in the sand to keep the nas snails fed. But since there might not be much yet, maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to put a little food in... but if you do, don't put much, you don't want it to go uneaten and pollute the water. And if someone else comes in and has a more definitive recommendation not to, definitely listen to them.

Nassarius snails are meat eaters I believe, so maybe a tiny bit of meaty food every so often would keep them well fed. Do you have any hermit crabs in there yet? If not, you might get some of those guys soon, they are cheap and great scavengers/cleaners... they'd help ensure any food meant for the snails but didn't get eaten would be cleaned up.
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Okay, for some reason I was thinking detritus was algae.. lol. So I need to purchase something small for them to snack on until I get my first fish! I plan on getting a goby and pistol shrimp next. Do you have any problems with hermits? I have read some are reef safe, but they can mess things up if they want to.
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Nah, I've never heard of people having problems with hermits (other than sometimes they may pull a snail out of its shell if it wants the shell), but that doesn't mean they aren't problematic. I'm far from an expert on this, so maybe others have different opinions. But I've never seen or known about one of my hermits shell-jacking a snail. I do know they are very commonly used as part of clean-up crews.

Detritus I believe is a fancy word for "waste"... poop, dead organic matter, that sort of thing. Diatoms are actually microscopic organisms that develop into colonies, which appear as brown "dust" or whatever. Algae itself comes in many forms too, but neither diatoms nor detritus are algae. There is also something commonly referred to as "red slime algae", though it isn't algae at all, it is a bacteria. It appears as spots of red, slimy, stringy stuff that grows on rocks and sand (spreads rapidly too, and can over-take a tank), and looks very ugly. It is also indicative of poor water quality. It typically will show up in tanks that use or used tap water, or otherwise have phosphates, silicates, and/or high levels of nitrates.

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Thanks for the quick lesson haha. I just got one more question for you! What would you put in first: a clown fish or a goby,pistol shrimp pair? The only reason I ask is because I do not have a qt set up yet because I need to transfer my betta still....
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hmm, probably the goby/pistol, but I say that just because the goby isn't an aggressive fish, whereas the clown is (or could be, depending on the type of clown). Its better to put the non-aggressive fish in first, lessens the chance of it getting picked on by a more aggressive fish.
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Good point. I didnt even think of that.
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So I woke up this morning read to go and get a goby and pistol pair! Not happening.... for some reason I have an ammonia spike!!!! My last test was 3 days ago today, and it read 0. Today I wake up to find my ammonia at .25... I ascribe this to a water change I did yesterday... it was about 10% and I used RO water.... thing is, I have been using distilled from the beginning and switched to RO for the water change. Does this sound like a legit reason? I did not kick up any debris at all when changing water and I let the salt dissolve the entire night before with in a large bucket with a power head, and I added prime like I normally do before adding new water. I added some snails recenty, but from what I can see they are alive. If anything a nassarius snail could have died under the sand? Idk what to do lol.
ph 7.8 to 7.9 ( cant seem to raise it much without a buffer)
nitirite 0
nitrate 0-5 (slight change/was 0)
alk 12 (has been)
calcium- 350 (last test 3 days ago) if i dose for calcium, wont this help my dkh lower?
spec. grav. 1.024 ( was 1.022/ raised with water change)
temp 79 to 80

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Update: its been a couple days and the params are all doing good. Ammonia spike didnt even last the entire day... I added a pistol and goby to the tank, and I have only saw the pistol one time since adding him lol, the goby can be found hiding under rocks; goby has not been viewed eating.
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