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I found a yellow watchman and pistol shrimp pair online for only 35 bucks. (not including shipping)
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Give it a shot! I can't order online because by the time I get home, they will have been sitting here for hours.

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Originally Posted by mullinsd2 View Post
I found a yellow watchman and pistol shrimp pair online for only 35 bucks. (not including shipping)
ive gotten pistol shrimp for $20 and yellow watchmans are like the same at the LFS. personally i like to support my store, see the fish in person and save on shipping.
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Yeah, I might just buy it from the lfs because there is no guarantee the two will remain a pair after being introduced into a new enviroment. But they only worry I have is that my lfs does not quarantine any gobies at all; they say that no one does, and if they say they do that they are lying. Is this true?
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I plan on purchasing one more hk 3 for the other side of my tank, and I think that will be it for the flow. I also plan on cutting some black plastic apparatus to cover up the maxi jet pump that's hooked up to the skimmer. I have also moved my heater into the skimmers out chamber to reduce the crowded wire look I had going on. :) Oh, and I have a different alk. test coming in (the api drip test)
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I thought I would add some more pics of the growth of the diatoms. Also, I have added a new hk3. I took a close up of the bloom because I was worried that I might have cyano beginning to grow. I do not know how to identify yet, so I hope the pic quality is good enough. It is a little darker almost a violet reddish color, but it is much more visible in person.
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Looking good. Time to add a few hermits and snails to keep the sand stirred.

As for Quarantine.... I do not know of any LFS that utilize a Q. However, every serious at home marine hobbyist has a Q tank. If you don't quarantine your newly purchased fish, it is only because you have yet to learn your lesson the hard way. Yet.
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I will def. utilize a qt for every fish that I purchase! Should corals be qt'd as well? I want to place corals in my tank, but I am afraid my rock work will hinder me in some areas. Most of the rocks are stacked directly on top of each other leaving the one below it shaded... I am thinking about doing an arch across the top with pond foam and epoxying some aragonite sand onto it to help it blend in until it is covered with coraline and coral (also this will help prevent the foam from breaking down from uv). If I do this, the arch will be leaning against the glass at its peak, and be weighted down by rock in the middle and at its base ; the inner skeleton will consist of egg crate. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
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I am acclimating some snails right now! I only bought 5 nass. snails and 3 turbos as of now... that cost me 36 bucks.
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So I came home, and my turbos looked dead!!! Little did I know that they can not right themselves...... so I flipped em over and put them on the rock and they are loving it haha. My nas. snails are burrowed deep down, but one of their tentacles ( I guess thats what it is) can be seen on top of the sand.... he must be waiting for some food!
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