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Aquapod 12 #2

Both tanks looking good. Here's Tank #2 in my bedroom. Inhabitants are a Blue Fiji Devil damsel, a muscle, a small Pulsing Xenia that came off the Xenia in tank #1, and some Zoas:

Tank #1 inhabitants false perc clownfish, 3 stripe damsel that accidentally stowed away when I moved a rock from tank #2 earlier today he's going back to tank #2 when I catch him, various zoa, Pulsating Xenia that's growing like a weed, and a Torch coral:

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your torch is getin big

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Tank #2 now has some new additions:

Eagle Eye Zoa
Bam Bam Orange Zoa
Blue/pink Zoa
blue/green zoa
green/purple Yumas

Waiting for it to all open up fully and will post some pics.
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Tank #1 in Living Room is getting a lighting upgrade to a 20" 150w Sunpod tomorrow going to be adding orange and Idaho Grape montis, Tri Color Acro, Armor of Gods, Tubbs Blue, and Radioactive Dragon Eyes to it.

Tank #2 in bedroom has new additions:

Bam Bams and unnamed blue greens:


Eagle Eyes and unnamed blue purple tie dye looking zoa:

Green/purple Yuma Ric:

Full tank shot:
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Tank #2 was upgraded to a 150w MH Sunpod. New inhabitants as of this morning:

15 polyps of Radioactive Dragon Eyes Zoa
10 polyps of big pink white mouthed Palys
Idaho Grape Monti
Orange Monti
3 Orange Blue Ricordias

Bringing up a 75 gallon reef now. Sold my 55 freshwater tank and bought a 75 gallon with a 2x 175w MH 2x 110W VHO actinic Hamilton fixture. Just about to put live rock in will post pics when it's up and running fully.
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its gorgeous :D keep up the good work
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Tank #1 is dismantled now. It's just a quarantine tank now with nothing in it. Torch and some zoa moved to tank #2 where the torch looks like it loves the MH compared to the PC lights in tank #1.

75 Gallon reef is running with around 75 lbs of live rock some zoa, xenia (xenia grows like a weed it went from 1 stalk about a month ago to 8 stalks all bigger then the original). Fish in the tank are 2 occ clowns, a 3 stripe damsel, and a royal gramma. Will post pictures. I have been working out of town and haven't had time to finish the sump. Currently there's a AquaC Remora skimmer HOT and a mix of power heads running on a Tsunami wavemaker.
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