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they are not nasauras snails ooops
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i added
1 coral beuty
2 occelis clowns
and 6 more mexican turbo snails
marrgarita snails are a type of turbo snail

and here are some pics
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Originally Posted by 6998 View Post
i'm a begginner i have a good idea how it works tho i guess you can say i learnd alot from pasfur( thanks)
You are most welcome, however, I am scared of this endorsement. There is not much that I agree with so far with what you have done. The grain size of your sand bed is not reef grade. The sand bed is not deep enough. The sump has a sponge filter pad, and no protein skimmer. The aquarium is not mature, has not finished its diatom bloom, and has almost no signs of life on the live rock and sand bed, yet you added a Coral Beauty Angelfish despite all this. You have also ignored my prior warnings about your stocking list, warnings that Wake has reinforced on this thread. (For the record, I agree word for word with what Wake has said.)

I have very limited time over the holidays to post on the forum. Unfortunately, if I am not able to directly speak here to the person who is making decisions (aka your mom), then I will have to spend my time on other threads. The message is simply not getting communicated.

A sincere good luck. But I am afraid you will not be successful because you are not the person who is making the important decision. Man, what a rough experience.
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Also, where is your quarantine tank???

By the way, multiple Centropyge Angelfish in a 75 gallon tank is a bad idea.
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Not to see condescending, but your age is showing in the decisions you are making. It's no surprise the marine community hears so little about kids venturing into it.

Listen to the advice given to you and stick to it religiously.

You can be sure that your tanks in for a rough time when people with years of experience and a whole world of knowledge disagree with absolutely every aspect of your set up...
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ok mainly my step mom wanted me to get the tank full of water and set up so she could put fish crabs... in it
the tangs this stinks so bad maby she will under stand if they kill some thing i will try to get it to down to 1

updates angel has ick like 2 dots and is being treated spongfilter was removed shorly after i found it was bad( i think) and we had a total green alge take over) and i think it is gone can't see tank for know. Sadly no sump i still don't get the consept of a sump and i don't know how to make one. And baggai cardinal have " won " the schooling compitision firefish off the list. Considering the neon goby or 2 because tank will full of ick prone fish.
i hope the clowns start spawning....

my stepmom has found a petstore and they are telling her what to do. its not my desition you are hearing about its what i'm argueing with my stepmom about

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Good News!!!!!! Got step mom to drop the tangs no i'm trying to see if see EVEN WANTS TANGS!!!!!!!!

bad news one of the lights like melted on 1side clowns are ok angels is hiding My guess is the lights. pics later
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sorry the 2nd see is supposed to be she
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I just don't can't more blunt than what I'm about to say. Everything in your tank is going to die and your mother is going to switch back to freshwater because saltwater is "to difficult". This is akin to buying a turtle, feeding it cheese every day, and then wondering why it didn't live. I am flabbergasted at this thread.

You hope your clownfish spawn? {sigh}
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it wans't her falt and she had the tank running for like a couple years awile ago

it's very old system
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