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150 build - Picture heavy, be warned..

This is in the freshwater section as well, but I'm not sure which way to go..

No pictures of the move, the sheer weight of this thing took my full attention. There were a few problems when it was a foot over in the car, but that was solved with an open boot and rope.

It's a custom built 150 gallon 5x2x2 with 14mm glass.

Here are some deceiving pictures just after the move.

Giving her a quick rub down.

Building a stand took well into the early hours.

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Luckily I had some spare power compact fixtures...

Using the popular "grew and slue" technique after a few cold ones.

The following morning.

She's inside!

More to come in the next exciting installment!
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This looks fun! Have you decided on marine or freshwater? What about filtration options?
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It is a lot of fun! I have suddenly realized that I'm not pictured here at all, seems weird to me. Not to worry.

The marine/freshwater decision couldn't be further from being made even if it wanted to. It's going to come down to wether I can afford it or not I suppose. I want to avoid "wasting" this tank on freshwater if possible though. It's gorgeous, the pictures just don't do it justice (as with everything)...

The stand definitely still needs a bit of work. The top is slightly too wide, about 5-6 inches, so the tank comes into the room a lot further. It sort of sticks out, a bit of an eyesore at the moment. It needs covering too, if funds allow.

Total cost so far - 105 GBP!
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Can't wait to see the end results. Great job so far.

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Following this thread is going to be fun! You're doing a great job. :)

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Here's the next installment - lighting.

This isn't permanent lighting, I plan to go halide's at some point. But until then, this shall have to suffice.

Fixing the 2x4 coming up the back of the tank.

Which ultimately suspends this DIY light bar. Currently it has two 4x9watt power compact fixtures and two 16 watt t8's. I have more t8's kicking than I can cram on here, but I'm going to give it a bloody good go. The colour temperature isn't accurately represented in this photo. The T8's are 3500k I believe, the power compact are more like 6000-7000k. I won't bother changing the bulbs yet, I may get halides sooner rather than later..

You know you have a big tank when you can fit a chair in the stand!

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Well, while the nano's clearing I started building the lighting for this thing.

I used T8's because I had what seemed to be infinite ballasts to hand. I will get halides eventually, but while its FOWLR this will be more than adequate.

And for anybody who doesn't think T8's can be bright..

Exposing for the bulbs leaves the room as a dark, empty void.

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I think that more reflective surfaces will also intensify that light.

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yea i would get a lot more reflective surface and make them angled to reflect the light down. do some research and look at the other lights that are on the market and you will see what i mean.
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