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120 gal build

i will post pics soon

currently the stand is finished just got to cut holes and finish it, the sump is a rs-200 a mag 7 for the return,
the skimmer is a reef concepts 624 powered by mag 18. A rena 300 heater, the light is a sunpod 500.
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Looking forward to pics. What are the live stock plans?
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Nice, can't wait for the build.

what type of sand did you go with and how deep?

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watch out for over heating problems with the large mag and your lights running. im fighting this issue now with a mag 24. i already have an external pump (which produces little to no heat) i just have to hook it up to my skimmer which i think im going to drill a hole into my sump to do so. just an option.

looking forward to pictures.
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currently i am still finishing the stand i need to measure where the holes for the over flows that are going through the stand are going but i have run into an issue. the current issue is my one buddy has back issues and can not help me lift the tank back on the stand. got to wait a bit to wrangle another friend to do lift. as for heating issues i hope that the tank being in the basement close to a wall will help but if i need i will convert to external pump. the sand i am not sure thinking of indo pacific reef sand live though, about 2 inches deep.
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it has taken me close to two years to put together all the stuff for the tank so i am trying not to rush to quickly now
as for livestock i have 77 pounds of beautiful live rock that that is packed full of shrimp, copepods and mussels, it came out of a guys 150 that he broke down, plus i have around 40 odd pounds of rock that will come out of my existing tank, to make up the rest i have something like 30 odd pounds of lace and base rock that i am going to put into the new system and hope that will do. i am keeping the 77 pounds of live rock at lfs they are wonderful to deal with.
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as to pasfur question about live stock i am not sure, i was thinking of moving the betta, false percula, a scopas tang- the sail fin died, a sleeper head blennie and a sailfin along with assorted crabs, and snails as well as my corals but now i am unsure. so far the only corals i am moving is a duncanops, a large branching frogspawn. i am a little lost about the rest though. i am not sure i think this tank is goingto be less fish and more coral. i saw this great idea on reef central online about setting rock as 2 islands in the sand. i guess i am trying to say that i need some advice for livestock. i know i want one sps and that is a bird nest i think but i am mostly an lps guy. i like the frogspawns, torches and duncanops, i am done with goniapora, alveapora and elegence, my last elegence died and i am trying to save 2 alveopora but i bought some cheap lace rock that was full of copper, the 50 took a hard hit, lost 2 hammers an elegence and almost killed everything else in the tank things are not all that well. i am so much more careful now
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sorry i got a little long about the copper soaked rocks i am so upset still about it, i want to stop going to other store but the a great frag selection..... so conflicted. i am not sure i am going to move any fish from the 50. new clean up crew, maybe 2 corals what do you suggest
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the new pics are posted,
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