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10 Gallon Reef Build

This is a discussion on 10 Gallon Reef Build within the Saltwater Journals forums, part of the Aquarium Photography category; --> i guess you could try to filter it.i dont know much about saltwater however...

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i guess you could try to filter it.i dont know much about saltwater however
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toss it...
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Water the lawn with it. A little salt will not hurt the grass.
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Originally Posted by pretzelsz View Post
Thanks! Ya the actinics make it look so blue on the camera but in real life it looks PURE white not like a paint but just pure light type white it is amazing.

Quick question: I am mixing some salt to do a small water change since the tank has cycled and I need to buffer a few things up and bring a few things down. What could I do with the water I take out? It feels a waste of money just to toss, but if I have no other options I guess I have to toss.

Think my bristles are dead too... Since I moved every rock and the ammonia spike so I'm looking for those.
I have a fresh water aquarium so usually I toss my old tank water on my fruits/vegetable plants outside because they seem to love the old fish waste, but I'm not sure how well that would work with salt water.
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yeah toss out the old water from changes ...... as for the bristles they can be hiding and yo may not see them at all... other times you will catch them after the light is off for awhile.....

re: cheato
if you need any more let me know and i will figure out how to ship it to you ..you know the bag i gave you? i have about 15x that and i just trimmed back double that amount total so i always have more....
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Should I have any sort of light besides the main on it? The plant light I had on it evaporated WAY too much water and got really hot so I would need light a PC bulb but cant find the right K rating...
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hmmm a few choices here a CFL 5500K from Home depot or Wally in a clamp on or another good option for your tank is to look up the submersible lights ... i think Dr. Foster & Smith sells them but look around ...
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Ok it has been awhile since i have posted anything for my tank... but I have some photos and a cool youtube video. I have been really busy(Getting a new computer tomorrow isn't gonna help lol) but next chance I get I will get a small CUC of Ceriths and Nerites...maybe 3 of each? I have yet to do a real water change but I have changed some water to get to the right Specific gravity and water level. I will do a real WC before I get the CUC hopefully.
Anyways here are some pics and the youtube video:

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More pictures. I need help figuring out what some of this stuff is. I know the green is escaped chaeto algae.

Not sure if this is coraline or not.
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Went to the store(Finally) and got some snails... I asked for nerites and ceriths...got asteas. Anyways I got 3 small ones and they are being acclimated right now.

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