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No I didn't keep him, my salt water aquarium is only 30 gallons, plus I don't know if those are legal to actually catch and keep in Florida. Some fish can put you in jail for a long time and even have your car taken away. I have a list of things that tells you which size and what types of fish you can catch, but no Eel types are listed, the Eel I caught was too cool to keep anyways. It deserves to roam the ocean where it belongs.
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Originally Posted by aunt kymmie View Post
Good find and a good read. It seems you identified your eel! Did you notice some of the non-native species on the list? Jack Dempsey, platy, guppy, swordtail, red-bellied pacu...
Yea... People think its best to let them go in the ocean than let it die in their aquarium, but they don't know the consequences of it. Some of the fish people let go take over places and even wipe out other species. Some people use their hearts more then the head I guess lol.
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I like the way you think and act! Letting the eel go was the right thing to do, IMHO. So, out of curiousity's sake can you give me some examples of "catch and keeps" that could land you in jail in Florida?

Also, let's hear some details on your 30gl!! Pics??

If you don't stand up for something you'll fall for anything...
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did know you were in florida too.

I agree with kymmie, I like your thinking. If its native leave it.

5 gallon
3 MTS(sure to be mean more soon)

55 gallon
Bloat who is a Fahaka puffer
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Thank you, I can give you the list. It doesn't list everything though and I got this information on this website: Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation

Current (as of July 1, 2009) Requirements for Recreational Marine Life Harvest:
  • Recreational saltwater fishing license
  • Organisms must be landed and kept alive
  • A continuously circulating live well, aeration, or oxygenation system of adequate size to maintain these organisms in a healthy condition
  • Allowable Gear: hand held net, drop net, rod, barrier net, slurp gun (use of quinaldine is prohibited)*
  • Bag Limit: 20 organisms per person per day; only 5 of any one species allowed within the 20-organism bag limit
  • Possession Limit: 2-day possession limit, 40 total organisms, no more than 10 of any one species allowed
  • Allowable substrate: see species specifications in table
  • Closed areas: Some closed areas exist**
  • Sale of recreationally caught marine life organisms is prohibited

Here's a chart I found on a marine fish website that helps show which fish and inverts are compatible,
hopefully this is some use too anyone on here who enjoys harvesting/buying animals for their aquarium.

I'll take some pics of my aquarium soon, I'd like to let the live rock grow more algae so it looks prettier. :]
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people def. do put things that dont belong and an example of a non-native species thats been let go into florida waters is the lionfish and caulerpa ( a macro algae ) is a problem with taking over the west coast. glad you made a good choice in putting it back where it was found, regardless of the law its in the best bet of the individual animal as well as the long term of its species. just think about it, if everyone was taking one home ... there wouldnt be any left to populate the area thus leaving gaps in the food chain.
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