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What kind of fish is this?

Ok so my uncle decided to gimme a fish he had in the sump for my pico tank. He said hes had it for about 8 months now and its stayed small for the most part and he never feeds it. He said it didnt know it was still down there until today. I dont think Ive ever seen this fish before so if anyone knows what it is that would be nice. Its a light bluish color and have small teeth. Seems to be a carnivorous fish but from what my uncle says its a small lil fish. Its also got some stripes on it and is about 2 inches long.

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I am afraid that me giving a guess on this is much like the blind leading the blind. My nephew just got 2 little fish that look very much like them. His are called Long fin, skirts. I think from the Tetra family? That is what your's looks like in that picture anyway.

I was also thinking it might be some type of convict from what you are saying but... If it hasn't had a good meal in 8 months, I am sure it probably isn't at it's best look. Maybe it will get darker more pronounced striping after some good light and a few good meals. Whatever he is, I am glad he found his way into a proper aquarium and hopefully you can spoil him for the rest of his life.

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Im pretty sure thats not it. Its a salt water fish....
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Originally Posted by coolcar24th View Post
Im pretty sure thats not it. Its a salt water fish....
LOL just as i hit "post" I realized that. I couldn't even begin to guess then. Either way, he is still cute.
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Yea hes a cool lil guy or girl IDK. So far its been swimming in the back of the tank and still getting used to me sitting here. Here is a better side pic of the fish. You can kinda see the blue on the fins. Sorry for the crappy pics. My cam doesnt have a macro mode and it sucks so I cant really get a clearer pic.

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LOL Well, I am the resident spaz so sorry I didn't realize at first he was salt water. Fish in general are still foreign to me, much less salt water. I am progressing though, I knew he didn't look quite right for either of my guesses. Wrong shape fins etc... With all the variety out there, I am sure it will take years to learn a fish species on sight.

Good Luck finding out. I am sure the experts will be here soon. :)
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