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I don't recommend linika stars to anyone that asks "what should I add to my tank" because chances are you have limited salt experience at this point or wouldn't be asking. I'm just trying to use my level headed judgement on this one. They are not even recommended for experienced hobbyists. So the idea that because one person is lucky enough to keep one alive for awhile is no justification to continue recommending them to everyone else.

Your basslet is probably a chalk basslet.
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yeah, judging by the information and the information I could find, I'm going to trust that is many people do not suggest them it is not a good idea.

Yeah, I'm certainy not an expert at this.

Do you think this kind of hermit crab would be alright?

Does anyone have and experience with them?
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Blue leg hermits are awesome maintenance animals, and pretty easy to take care of. You'll want to make sure they are the standard blue leg hermits and not "electric blue hermits". The electric blues are much more aggressive.
The standard blue leg hermit crabs are small, so count on having quite a few of them, and they trade off shells, so you'll want to have extra empty shells available so they don't fight for those of the other hermits.
Also, if you get blue leg hermits, this will eliminate pretty much any other type of hermit in that tank. Larger hermits will attack and kill the blue legs.
Good water quality is very important when keeping inverts of any sort, so just keep up on water changes and watch the water quality with water testing periodically.

Dawn Moneyhan
Aquatics Specialist/Nutritionist
Juneau, WI
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How many would you suggest for a 50 gallon tank?
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alot.......no just kidding. but you can get a bunch. i think some say like 1 per gallon for cleaner purposes. but you don't need that much, just get what you can.
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In a 50 gallon I would get at least 2 dozen (24) of them to help with your maintenance. They stay pretty small, and with enough of them in there you will actually get to watch them, and they're awesome maintenance animals.
Later, if you can get more, up to another 2 dozen would be ok, provided the tank isn't overstocked with animals in general.

Dawn Moneyhan
Aquatics Specialist/Nutritionist
Juneau, WI
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I'm going on four month's with my purple and orange linkias! I was told the blue linkias were the most difficult to keep. I would love to get a blue one, but I will see how these guys do before I drop another $25

75 Gal reef
1 blue sided wrasse
1 firefish
2 Tangs (Blue, Yellow)
1 Percula
1 Longnose Hawk
1 Electric blue damsel
1 Coral beauty
1 Foxface
1 bristle star
2 linckia stars (purple, orange)
3 Emerald crabs (2 green, 1 red)
All types of coral and snails
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