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what fish to add

120 gal tank

so far i have
3 Yellow tail Blue Damsel
1 Cleaner Wrasse
3 Turbo/Astrea Snail
1 Serpent Starfish "banded"
3 Red Mushroom coral

about 20 pounds of live rock- "getting more every week till i get about 100 pounds"

50 pounds of fine crushed coral and 50 pounds of live sand

i have a 110 gal over the top filter
and a 80 gal canister filter- no media in this filter just using it for water flow

and a t50 power head for water flow

my lights are
2- aquarium plant lights
1 coral 50/50 light
1 coral blue 3 light
all are 48'' long
i have the lights in a four bulb holder fixture the bulbs are plant - coral -coral - plant

what other fish would go good in my tank
and what other Coral would go with my lights.
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why don't you get some anemone and some clowns. I find the clownfish/anemone relasionship to be vary entertaning and a great addition toany saltwater community tank.
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True, but you have to make sure the Damsels are not too gressive with the clown. They are very territorial.

And sometimes, a Clown never bonds with an anenome. Try asking your LFS is you can take a Clown with a bonded anenome.
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I agree, my LFS always has clowns with there host anemone. It's good to make sure they already have the connection.
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i got my clown to use his anemone by scaring him in to it. lol mean but it worked. i put the anemone close to the side then waited for the clown to swim in between them both and then i waved my hand by the tank thus forcing him to swim into it! ahhhh
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