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just give it some time and your tank will be going fine. waiting for it to cyce is the longest hardest part. :)
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wat about a couple of gold-head sleeper gobies
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If I were you I would go with a firefish they are prety cool. Also regarding the anenome, you could always put a synthetic one in. I have a 55 gal tank w/ 2 perc clowns and they use the fake anenome as a real one swimming in it and sleeping there too. Prety cool how their insticts kick in. Royal Gramma is a very cool fish to watch once it gets over the first few days of shyness. Mine is very friendly. Dr. Foster & Smith has a list of fish for beginners and for small tanks - check it out.
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yeah the list at fosters and smith is where i read about the fish.

i've decided to get the firefish and the royal gramma, along with a ocellaris clown

i found another LFS and the guy there knows his stuff, i'm gonna ask him about having those 3 in the tank when the time comes.

i'm really excited about the 180 gallon i've been trying to get. my fiance and i saw it a month ago and decided it was time to save for another big tank.
i used to have a 125 with cichlids in it. when we moved from san diego to las vegas i sold it to a friend. wish i kept it...

so we've checked out finances and have figured that we can afford to put some money away to maybe have it by the end of the month. so i have to build a stand now and figure out where it's gonna go. i had to move the 125 one time and i'll never go through that again.
i hope to have it set up and cycling by mid-end of may
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One thing i must say. IT is nice being in hawaii. Here you get a 60 a year membership at the local aquarium. I can go there as much as i want to get nice purified salt water, the same they use. Then i just bring it home and dump it in. If you do this once a week for the first 4 months. There is not need for cycling. After that once a month maybe once every 3 weeks and your tank will be ready for ANYTHING.
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are you saying you get your water from the ocean?
i've read on this site and many other places that you should not do that.
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No, I think she gets it from the Aquarium. You could always ask to get salt water from The Mirage, they have a huge salt water aquarium, that or Monterey Bay. I dont really know how all that works lol, or if you could trust them. Dont ever go to the Petsmart on Stephanie and Marks, they dont know jack diddly squat O.O But I wanna know what store you use? I could find any except that one petsmart and a petco near it.

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i got my damsels at petco on rainbow and springmtn.
but that is only cause, they were onsale.

now i've been going to Atlantis. it's off of lake mead and the 95.
it's on the west side of the 95. you can see the neon sign from the freeway

i was using advice from a place in san diego i used to go to, but not anymore.
he told me to get 6 fish to cycle the tank.

the guy at Atlantis seems to know his stuff.
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Oh yes straight from the ocean, much better then mixing your salt water. I get it from the aquarium. They have a pipe that goes out abotu a mile or two, they pump it in, clean it and use it in there tanks. IT is the best. A little salty, but that is how the water in hawaii is anyway, so you add about 1 part fresh water to 10 parts salt water and it is G'd up. By the way i am a guy not a girl.
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oh ok i understand.
stephen birch aquarium in san diego does the same thing. a few years ago i was gonna set up a salt water tank and the LFS guy told me to go there and get a few gallons of water to speed up the cycle.
now i live in vegas. i'm not sure i want to use the casino's used water.
i just found out there is a place across the street from me that has a RO unit for their tanks and they have a lot left over. i might talk to them about getting free water every 2 weeks or so.
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