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Good video. I have narrowed down my fish:

2 Ocellaris Clownfish
1 Purple Firefish
1 Orange Firefish
1 Zebra Barred Dartfish
1 Coral Beauty Angelfish
1 Pearlscale Butterflyfish
1 Long Fin Fairy Wrasse

I hope to add my CUC within the next month or so:

15 Scarlet Hermit Crabs
5 Blue Leg Hermit Crabs
5 Turbo Snails
10 Cerith Snails
10 Nassaius snails

Will that suffice for now? More or less?

My new lights are in and over the tank, and I've already set up the timers: 9:30am Actinics on, 10:00am Daylight on too, 9:00pm Daylight off, 9:30pm Actinics off, 10:00pm moonlights on.

Final supplies should arrive today from Fed Ex. I'm still waiting on one piece of acrylic from the shop (they're having a hard time finding a 5/8" bit for acrylic but they say it'll be done). Rock will be ordered next week hopefully. I'm ordering some "dead" rock and will seed it with pieces from my LFS (cheaper for a college student than paying $9/lb at the LFS), and will make sure I have CA, Alk, and Mg right before I go adding corals and what not, and hope to get some Coraline algae going.

I plan to add softies and zoa's for now, next summer I may add 4 more T-5's to this, or redo the lighting, and move this light to a FOWLR tank where I want some more aggressive fish.
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Just an update. Got my tank cycling currently. I have about 10lbs of live rock in the tank with another 60 on the way. The sump is finished and working great, just waiting for the protein skimmer to break in. Hoping to have fish in the tank before the end of November.

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The water level in your sump looks a little high. Have you tested it by turning the power off? You want to make sure the sump has enough room to hold the backflow of water that occurs during a power outage.

In terms of ease of care, your fish selection looks nice. The Pearscale is the most difficult fish on your list, so make sure that tank is at least 5 or 6 months mature before adding one. You may also want to add the Coral Beauty at the same time as the Pearscale, otherwise you may see some compatibility difficulties arise. For the record, the Pearscale is not reef safe. The Coral Beauty is 50/50, with some working ok and others nipping on soft corals. I have a CB in my reef and it is fine.

I am not familiar with the Zebra Barred Dartfish, so perhaps someone else can offer advice there.
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I have tested power outages. The check valve on the pump side means that the only water coming in is off the overflow side down to the level of the teeth in the overflow box. Surprisingly it only fills about half of the area you see, there is still 1 1/2" left. When I built the baffles for the sump I left room for 5 gallons to overflow into the sump in the event of a power outage, and it is more than enough.
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