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I would not mix CC and Sand. The sand will always end up on the bottom and the CC will end up on top, no matter how you want to mix em up. DeNitrators do work, but they are notorious for clogging up on you, you can however install a prefilter to ensure that no debre gets into the line. I'd use one myself.
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ya you can mix them without any problems. as far as nitrate filter im not sure, the ones i've heard of are pretty much just a gimmick. could you get me some more info like a name or a link? i am very curious about any filtration claiming to eliminate nitrates.

All the technology for fish care has been around for billions of years.
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cali said it, bio wheels are freshwater filters.

since your tank is 20 gallons, i would not suggest any triggers or puffers. you have to also keep in mind the space lost from the displacement of live rock, so really, your tank is only 10-15 gallons space wise.
what are you planning on stocking the tank with? i suggest creating a list now for everything you want in it. you wont be able to add everything at once but you can then look at the list and decide the order of what things will be added in.
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2 clowns , and I don't know if I can but I really want a hawkfish I'm also gonna start out with some dAmsels before everything, I'd like to have alot of snails, hermits and such. And I don't know If this is possible or not but in the wayyyyy near futur I want to get a starfish
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why damsels? keep them in the store, if you need to feed your cycle, use a raw shrimp.

a good mixture of snails and the 2 clowns sounds good. i personally dont like hermits ( or really any type of crab for that matter )
it seems the hermits tend to rip the snails from their shells only to find they dont want to use that shell. the starfish and hawkfish im on the fence about.. if you do get a star, give your tank about a year first. the only reason the hawk may work is because they just sit, basically taking up no room in the tank, HOWEVER it will still add to the bioload.
i suggest when the time is right to start with a few different types of snails, alittle time after that add your clowns, after atleast a month, if not 2-3 + months see where your levels are, if they can indicate your tank being able to handle one last and final fish, the hawk can be added.
you seem to be very well on the right track, remember to read and research and take your time! good luck.
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I just thought that damsels where good fish to start out with plus there cheap if the hawkfish dosent work out I'll prob just get a goby I want one fish tht just moves on the ground mainly because I have a pretty thick crushed coral bed
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Damsels are great starter fish because they are very hardy but they are little brats IMO. They can be very aggressive and claim the whole tank as their territory and bully the other fish. Especially if they are the first ones in the tank.
I started off with a yellow belly damsel (which are supposed to be nicer) in my 75g fowlr and a few weeks later I added a Maroon clown, which was my mistake because damsels and clowns don't usually get a long very well because they are in the same family. My poor Maroon clown was confined to a little corner and if she tried moving the damsel attacked. I had to trap the damsel out of the tank because he was too mean and picked on my Rabbit fish as well. Since you plan on getting a clownfish pair I wouldn't get a damsel, thats my opinion.
People will also suggest Chromis to start off with because they are so hardy, I personally think chromis are boring to watch and not very colorful and LFS will say they do better in groups of three which is way to many for your tank. Clownfish are very hardy and it would be ok to start with them as your first fish. Just make sure that you have tested your water thoroughly before you add anything.
It is a very good idea to add a clean up crew to your tank first. In the cycling process you want to see signs of life such as algae forming. Once you see this, usually at least 2-3 weeks into the process, then you want the snails and hermits to clean it up. Then test the water and with in a couple of weeks it should be ok to add your fish.
As far as the starfish go...If you never plan of getting corals chocolate chip stars can be pretty hardy. Stay away from linkia stars, epecially the blue ones, in the begginning because they can be more demanding. As onefish2fish said waiting is a good idea because it takes time for the tank to create a substancial food source. To be completly honest I added starfish about 2 months after my tank was set up BUT I have my reasons...
I made my fish list way in advance (like onefish2fish suggested ) and knew that I was going to add a puffer and trigger in the future so I couldn't have snails and hermits to scavenge the tank, therefore I didn't have them to compete for food with the star fish. I did get a few snails and hermits first but transferred them out of my FOWLR and into my reef. Whenever possible I drop shrimp/food on their mouth just to make sure they are getting food.
I really appreciate that you are asking all these questions because to me that shows you really care and you are getting great advice from everyone. I can't wait to see how your tank turns out so keep us updated!

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IMO why add a fish when you can add a dead raw shrimp if needed.

i also dont suggest getting something to keep short time. this is a long term hobby and i know 10+ year old clownfish. another problem with the damsel is catching it when the time comes. it may not sound hard, but once it knows the tank and can work its way around the live rock, catching it in a net can be tricky. it may not find itself into a fish trap and taking out rock to catch the fish might be needed. just my opinion.
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my fish store actually does "trade ins" so if i get the damsels ill just trade in in for a clown
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so your going to put stress on more fish then needed by adding them to a newly cycled tank, possibly even un-cycled tank, just to have fish?
i dont see why you would buy a new honda, only to break it in and bring it to the toyota dealership to trade it in for a new toyota. why not settle with the toyota when ready for it to begin with?
i hope you dont take that as any kind of attack, just my opinion, i guess to each their own.
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