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You'll need to pm dear CRM as he might have forgotten it.

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ok I went out and got a 10 gal tank from walmart.

I have also done some research on raising clowns.

What is green water and how do I make it? I know it is the food is it just some DTs mixed with water? how do I make green water for the fry?

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Green water is an algae that is free swimming and is not attatched to any walls or ornaments.
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how do I make it?
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uhh the only way i can think of is high ammonia level, but the high ammonia level will kill the fry and larva anyway. Also this is the freshwater way, it might be different for saltwater
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I finally found it here is the info on how to make green water if anybody was interested other then me. If anybody has anymore info on this topic I am still very interested.

Infusoria 2 – Green Water – Phytoplankton (0.02mm-2mm in length)

Infusoria can actually be broken down into two segments. Zooplankton includes all of the microscopic living animals. Phytoplankton includes all of the microscopic plant material. Often aquarists speak of using “green water” as a food source, when doing so, they are actually speaking of Phytoplankton.

What you will need:
Lots of sunlight
One QT jar
Some old tank water

Green water is very easy to cultivate and extremely inexpensive. All you need to do is take some of your old water out of an aquarium and put it into a jar. Then take that jar and place it in the sun. The sunlight will cause the water to turn green within a couple of days. When the water turns green, simply remove some of the water and feed it to your fish. Then add some new water back to the culture to help maintain its longevity. You’ll notice that this is very similar to how we cultured Infusoria and for good reason. Since they both contain micro-organisms, we are relying on the replication of those micro-organisms for food. With Infusoria, we try to get the zooplankton to reproduce, with green water we try to get the phytoplankton to reproduce. In both cases we are likely to have some of the other type of plankton in our culture. The key to the culture is the light. By increasing the direct sunlight we will encourage more phytoplankton than zooplankton. Green water is among the smallest foods available and many aquarists consider it indispensable when trying to raise newly hatched fry that are too small to accept most any food. Since the green water will float in the water, it can stay in the fish tank for a long time until it is consumed by the fish in the aquarium. One drawback of Green water is that the culture may suddenly collapse and need to be replaced. For this reason it is suggested to have multiple cultures running at the same time.
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here is a question on top of this it says that the phytoplankton is the goal so If I added a couple drops of DTs phytoplankton would that help the prosess. and also if doing this creates the phytoplankton then can I just make this instead of buying DTs?
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