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Inherited FOWLR Tank

This is a discussion on Inherited FOWLR Tank within the Saltwater Fish forums, part of the Saltwater Fish and Coral Reef Tanks category; --> Originally Posted by onefish2fish you found out the salinity but were you able to get any other readings? 1.020 isnt extremely low, i personally ...

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Originally Posted by onefish2fish View Post
you found out the salinity but were you able to get any other readings? 1.020 isnt extremely low, i personally wouldnt be overly concerned with it and would just slowly bump it up over a water change or two if your looking for 1.024-25. you tested the salt or the store? what did you ( or they ) use to test it? if you dont have anything to test for salinity yet i suggest a refractometer over a hydrometer anyday. look on ebay to find one for a decent price. its also good to have your own test kits because if need be and the stores closed you can perform a test or in some cases stores will lie saying your water is "good" to get you to buy fish which isnt always the case but i have heard it happen.

its great you already removed the bio balls from the sump. these ( and any canister/hang on filters, even filter socks, filter floss/sponges tend to trap debris causing excess nutrient build up.

the clowns are just protecting its territory.
Well, I have an update. So, I went to the LFS today, and I think the fish guy talked me into getting a pulsing xenia. These soft corals are very cool. LFS guy told me they would work with my current lighting conditions, and not require any major modifications to the maintainence schedule. What impact would adding this soft coral to my FOWLR tank? Will it kill my filtering algae? Will I have to modify my filtration? Will iodine or anything else need to supplement his care?

Also, it was recommended that I add carbon to the system. Do I add one of the carbon filtration bags, get a new carbon filter "sheet" or get the activated carbon crystals? How many do I add?

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