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please post picture. 3 and a half years means your tangs should be full size if not VERY close to it.

making a tank that cannot properly house the fish IMO in unacceptable. this is not success!
its like keeping kittens because they are soo cute but then get rid of them when they are cats.
please realize your keeping live animals that are coming from our worlds over harversted reefs as it is.
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To tanks, 6' is nothing. They graze the ocean all day. With one whip of their fins, they can sprint accross the tank in no time at all. I'm sure you've seen this with as many fish you have. When they have the issues of lack of space, then you'll begin to see some changes in the behavior... again this is being general.

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I added all of my tangs act the same time 1yr ago all are about 5inch I will add pictures soon im new here you make a good point on space that was my oringinal question.trust me I know I will have to upgrade a few things for furure success of my hobby my and if I have any problems we all learn something everyday I will have succes with this project with two tanks
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i applaud you on wanting to upgrade for future success, however your comment about mistakes is true but something that could have been avoided from the start. research goes a long way.
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I never mention mistakes.. and If you ask me I thought this was researching and my succes so far has nothing to do with the future thats why you plan ahead like myself Im sure there people here that more knowledgable then myself and I take advice from people that been threw these problems. rather then people who read about it. if theres a way there a will..ty for your outlook on this
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Originally Posted by darrelljonesdc View Post
So far so good but I was wondering how the furture look for these guys..Im thinking I might need to upgrade to a larger tank because I would like to add maybe 5 more fish I got my eyes on.
You asked the question and you have been given EXTREMELY good advise. Understand the position of the experienced fishkeeper, which is that you are way overstocked.

How else can we help you?
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What an exciting thread...heheehe

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