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That is an incredible looking eel, Mike. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures!
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In a word ....... WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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first off, i'd like to apologize if my earlier posts sounded provocative at all, that was not my intention. You got me beat on the pair discussion, my mind jumped to conclusions and assumed that you were implying that you had a mated pair. I would like to state in my defense, however, that above one of the pictures posted earlier, that you had referred to a blue ribbon as a larger female. Regardless, your success is impressive and i'm curious to know more about the setup, filtration, tankmates, and most of all, your methods of confinement, (basically how you prevent them finding there way out). I'll say it again, beautiful eels, congratulations on your success : )
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My method of confinement is to use an open top system. Keep them fat and happy and they stay on the bottom. 75g with a 40g sump/10g fuge. Eheim 1262 return pump. Euroreef RS180 skimmer. 2x IceCap 250w Pheonix 14KDE, with 2x 95w power compact super actinics on Fulham ballasts. Temp 78F. Salinity 1.026-7. PH 8.4 steady. Alk 10DKH. 3" Aragonite sand bed. 200lbs live rock encrusted with SPS polyps and a huge Ritteri Magnificent anemone. Only RO/DI water with auto topoff from a 125g storage bin ran through Dow Filmtech membranes.

The plan is to set up the 400g tank in the next 3-4 months, cycle for 2 months and then I'll be planning to keep 2 dozen blue ribbon eels and see if they will pack up in one hole like in the wild.
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you have to post pics when you get the 400 up and running
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Look around for pics of the 400g and skimmer at the house. There here somewhere.
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