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Really wish my computer hadn't crapped out. If it was online I could post pics of my newest addition. Today I recieved, as a gift from a lfs hand delivered to the house, a 3 foot long blue ribbon eel. All I can say is, wow. Truly amazing creature.
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Sounds awesome, CRM. I'm looking forward to seeing it once your machine is back online.
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post #3 of 16 Old 02-20-2007, 01:57 PM
they are very stunning looking eels.
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they're beautiful, but they are much harder to acclimate to captivity when they have already matured to their blue coloration, (the male stage of their lives), i've only had success raising the blacks and still haven't had one reach white before somehow finding it's way onto my floor, let me know how he does though......

p.s. saltwater acclimated black mollies are said to be the best method to inspire them to feed, but the 2 i've had better success with offering them raw shrimp and squid than anything else
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sry, I meant to say the 2 things that i've had better success with......
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post #6 of 16 Old 09-22-2007, 09:11 AM Thread Starter
Still alive and eating frozen silversides. In fact I bought a second and the 2 of them are a pair. They eat together and swim all over together.
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do you have 2 blues or a blue and a white, b/c technically it is impossible to have a pair of blue ribbon eels, they are protandric hermaphrodites meaning that they change from male to female as they mature, the blue stage is male where as the whites are females. I'd love to get a pair going though, congrats on your success
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I have a blue and a black. It is not impossible to have all blues as we order them from the lfs and get whatever comes in. They are a community fish that prefer to pack up.

My larger female blew up in captivity. When I got her she must have been starved a bit. She was about the thickness of a pencil. 6 months later she was as big around as a thumb and 2" tall, 50" long.

It is a good idea to start with one. When you get it eating then others will usually catch on. I started mine on a very long process. I would buy about 100-150 ghost shrimp and gut load them with fish food for 2 hours. I'd also drop in a garlic supplement to mask the scent and give them a transferable smell. After 6 months of doing this once a week I finally got some pictures of it eating. I never knew for sure if it was. Once I knew for sure it was eating I began adding silversides coated in garlic at the same time as the ghost shrimps. After about 6 weeks of this they began to readily eat the silversides and I've never given another ghost shrimp.
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I never said they were impossible to keep together, I said it's impossible to have a pair of blue ribbon eels b/c the blues are males, a pair is classified as a male and female. Rhinomuraena quaesita will change from blue to almost solid yellow as it matures and enter's the female stage of it's life.
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Ok well not to argue, if you look back in several of my posts you'll realize I've said just that. You don't keep eels like this alive without already knowing as much as you can about the subject. I've said just that numerous times before. But in regards to your last reply "pair" means 2, not necessarily mates. And mine are black and blue which then leads to the idea that I might have a pair that could mate later in life. The correction would only be valid had I ever said "I have a mated pair of blue ribbon eels". However that indeed could be true as well as nobody really cares that the males are technically black. If you know the eels then you know that one will be black. Blue ribbon eel implies all whether blue or black.
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