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garden eels

can garden eels be kept singularly? Or will it need company and without it it will stop eating(like my glass catfish)
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I thought I had a pic of mine in my saltwater pics. I have a 4 footer. I adore it. I worry all the time about it as it is gorgeous. Do know that they will escape from almost any tank. You must have a full canopy or don't even try it. Mine eats copepods and leftovers late at night. I've had it for almost a year. I've had the plain white one, swam through my overflows into my sump and met my skimmer. I've had the banded one and it found the powerhead in the tank... I now have had the big guy for a year with no problems. He is alsoa banded eel. These are also known as snake head eels. They need a DSB as they will bury themselves during the day. I say nothing less than a 75g 4' tank.
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I saw you asked me about the eel about a month back in
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Mike i dident know that was a garden eel.
garden eels dont reach 4 feet
im talking about these
They reach 1 foot and even though live aquaria says they need a 100 gallon tank i would keep one in a 30.
the reason i am asking about garden eels is because i was looking at the diversden yesterday and they had this orange striped garden eel and it was so good looking it made me think about not doing a 15 gallon
And by the way things arent looking good for my saltwater tank,I talked to current and the people i bought the fixture from and i wont beable to get a new one because i dont have the original box. also there was a theif in my house the other day so im down 100+ dallors so my future salty tank isent looking good :(
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Sorry to hear that.

The garden eels come in many shapes and sizes. Those particular eels in CAPTIVITY may max out around 14" according to Foster and Smith, mine is a WC. I'd love to see an orange one.

Seriously anything smaller than a 75g is a no no. No eel should be kept in a tank at any size length in under a 75g.
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i've never heard of any garden eel reaching lengths of more than 2 feet, are you sure you're not confusing them with snake eels?
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