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Fish for 100 litre

I have set a new 100 litre fish only tank.The tank is fully cycled.What fish will be best to add??The tank is lightly stocked with coral skeletons.I dont want to keep damsels,clowns,puffers,gobies or blennies.
Thanks for replying......
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A Banggai cardinal?

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...something unusual like a pair of Pine cone fish or a pair of the Japanese inflator fish

...sorry can't seem to up-load the pic tonight, will try latter

Saltwater 4foot (67gal) and Reef Rock/Plugs (300)Sump (12gal) with a 3000ltr/hr return pump(32watts)
1x 6025, 3 x TUNZE 6045 for flow.
Aquasonic Skimmer with 3000ltr pump
16watt UV. *5 Lights: 2 Actinics and 2 Daylights and 1 Gro-Lux.
*Fish @ the moment: Powder Blue Tang, South Seas Devil, Mandarinfish, Lemon Peel, Bi-colour angel, Coral beauty, Scopas Tang(4in), Coral Banded Shrimp(been in tank for 4/5yrs) and a Dusky Anemonefish(3in).. and 2 Red Base Sand Anemones..A pair peppermint shrimps.
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Thanks for the replies...

The fish you have told is not available in India.

Any other fish???
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