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Favorite saltwater fish

OK, I want to know what every ones favorite saltwater fish is.

My favorites:
Regal Tang
Sohal Tang
Percula Clownfish
Bluehead Wrass
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clown trigger
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The Psychedelic mandrin goby.never fails to amaze my eyes.looks like a 60s lightshow.Groovy baby
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Is it true that mandarin gobis are extremely hard to take care of? I hear that they need large amounts of food to survive.
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Quuen Angel by far, beautiful coloring and the best part it is changes. There is always something new to look for.

55 G 4x1.7x1.7
Emperor 400, Fluval 404, undergravel, Resun Cl300 Chiller
1 Blue damsel, 1 yellow tail damsel
1 Koran Angle
1 Long Noise Hawk
6 month old tank

55G 4x2x1
Self-built wetdry, undergravel, Seaclone 100, Turbo Twist 9w
1 Queen Angle juvenile about 6 inch long,, 1 maroon clown fish,
1 hawaiian turkey fish (lion). 1 blue damsel
3 year old tank
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They survive mainly on ostracods(seed shrimp)but can be trained to eat brine shrimp.although they usually starve to death because stores don't sell ostracods.they are considered pests and you couldnt grow enough of them.
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This is my favorite fish in my tank.

I am especially fond of frogfish.
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I like the ribbon eels and the clam.what type is that?
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My God Mike!

My God Mike, that is gorgeous!
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Japanese inflator filefish, a guy to doors up has one its awesome.
...also Ilike the Harlequin Tuskfish

Saltwater 4foot (67gal) and Reef Rock/Plugs (300)Sump (12gal) with a 3000ltr/hr return pump(32watts)
1x 6025, 3 x TUNZE 6045 for flow.
Aquasonic Skimmer with 3000ltr pump
16watt UV. *5 Lights: 2 Actinics and 2 Daylights and 1 Gro-Lux.
*Fish @ the moment: Powder Blue Tang, South Seas Devil, Mandarinfish, Lemon Peel, Bi-colour angel, Coral beauty, Scopas Tang(4in), Coral Banded Shrimp(been in tank for 4/5yrs) and a Dusky Anemonefish(3in).. and 2 Red Base Sand Anemones..A pair peppermint shrimps.
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