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Clown Fish vs. Seahorse

Hi All,

Can you keep seahorses with clown fishes? I doubt it, but just thought I'd check.

As of now, I have a 17 gallon reef tank with coral that's been established for 2 months now. Everything is running smoothly and it's now time to add fish. I've been thinking of adding one clown fish, but my gf really wants a seahorse. Can those two co-exist in a 17g tank?

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No, they won't go together. Short version... the Clownfish would not allow the Seahorses to eat. In any case, Seahorses are an extremely advanced species which so far I would not personally be comfortable in attempting to care for.
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yeah they need pristine water conditions and preferably no competition...and i will never forget having to constantly breed brine shrimp ,daphnia , microworms , and the like to feed them as most wouldnt take much work for me....although my friend keeps a couple of dwarfs in his 16 bow front for a couple of years now but once again its a specialty alot of research if you do go that way...

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also the seahorses prefer cooler temperatures from what i've heard, so that wouldn't work out too well with a fish that prefer warmer temps, Personally i'd start with the clownfish first, do a lot a research on the horses, and when you are ready setup a specilized tank. Horses need lots of macroalgae to grab onto as well as gentle flow.
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Yep, there's a reason professional public aquariums always maintain "horse only" tanks. Delicate little critters.

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