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the tang is obvious, however i dont know how i feel about a royal gramma, psuedocromis and basslet all together in a 37 gallon tank. these fish all have a similiar semi-aggressive territorial attitude and enjoy the comfort of caves, overhangs and rock work.
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The hippo/Blue tang can grow very large and would require an extremely large tank. All else is good and for the "center piece" a dwarf angel would fit that tank perfectly.

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Definitely no tang, way too big. I would say a 4' tank is bare minimum for a tang, but our service guys have definitely noticed that there tends to be a lot less HLLE when tangs are well fed in 6' tanks.

I wouldn't do any pseudochromis.

No turbo snails, they will knock over your corals.

I would avoid hermits, at least for the most part. You may not see it happen, but they are more than happen to get new homes whether there is currently a snail in it or not.

I would rely more on smaller snails. Definitely get some large nassarius to keep the sand clean. Margaritas, astrea, etc. are good too.

I wouldn't wait that long to add fish, no reason to. Fish are a natural part of the reef system. Their waste is food for many corals.

I wouldn't do an anemone. They are very sensitive. They also move around and can sting and kill any coral. Stick with corals, many LPS are very similar to anemones, even hosted by clowns.

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