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water change woes

This is a discussion on water change woes within the Saltwater Fish Diseases forums, part of the Saltwater Fish and Coral Reef Tanks category; --> Did you check the SG/salinity with a reliable refractometer of your tank water before the WC? Its just if you hadn't done a WC ...

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Did you check the SG/salinity with a reliable refractometer of your tank water before the WC? Its just if you hadn't done a WC for a while and have just been topping off with freshwater, the salinity would get lower and lower over time. Then mixed your own batch of salt, if this was a lot higher it might have shocked the fish? I have heard that marine fish can handle a reasonably fast decline in salinity, but struggle with it in the opposite direction.(Those more experienced please jump in and correct me if I am wrong here!)

Not sure of the science behind it..

I would look into either fixing an RO/DI unit to your system, or find a LFS that sells it... using well water is begging for trouble, especially if in an agricultural area, as your likely to experience nitrate issues at some point.. plus your having to add chemicals you don't want into your system with the water conditioners. Freshwater fish like others have mentioned can tolerate treated tap water, and in the most part are relatively inexpensive, not sure I would gamble the expense/time and effort in a marine system on water out of a well... IMO.

Sorry to hear of your troubles though, its never nice loosing fish... especially if you feel it was due to something you did. Good luck!
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Before I added it I made sure of my salinity and pH. They were pretty much the same but I suppose that is possible as well. I have an instant ocean hydrometer that I use because when I bought my refractometer it didn't come with calibrating fluid. I was so bummed out about my fish. Almost like losing a dog. Bottom line is no matter what I'm not using tap water again in my tank. My LFS sells ro/di water so makes it really easy...only 50 cents a gallon.
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