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Thanks, Mark. If the issue were related to water quality, wouldn't it affect both eyes, or not necessarily?

I just checked the parameters using an API 5 in 1 test strip. I know it's not the best, but it's what I have here at the moment since the chemicals in our test kit expired. Our PH looks good. The GH and KH are on the high end of the little colored chart on the bottle. It could be because I've been using too much SeaChem Marine Buffer. I had been adding a tablespoon each time I do a weekly 5 gallon water change. Reading the bottle again now, it looks like it recommends using less. Do you know the ideal GH and KH readings for a FO tank?

I'll just wait it out and try to keep the water parameters the best I can. I had already added the Epsom salt, though. Do you think that may have helped or are you not in favor of that treatment?
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I've never used Epsom salt, but I would not be concerned personally.

All saltwater aquariums, be it fish only or reef, need to be monitored for alkalinity and calcium. Adjustments should be made to keep them within the correct range. Calcium is targeted at 440 to 460ppm and alkalinity at 12 DKH. A 2 part additive is typical, with one part buffering for calcium to boost calcium carbonates, and the other part adding secondary buffers to maintain bicarbonate buffering ions and other minor buffers, such as borate. I personally use Kent Marine Super Buffer DKH for my buffer and Kent Marine liquid calcium chloride for my calcium supplement. Wake uses the 2 part Bionic product. Both are excellent. Weekly testing and adjusting will allow you to find a trend that works for your tank.

I suggest using a target point to tell you when to buffer. If alkalinity reaches 8 DKH then add the buffer. If calcium reaches 400ppm then add the Calcium Chloride supplement. If alkalinity drops but calcium remains high, then please check in with me or Wake or another appropriate member before taking any actions at all. Hopefully this never happens.

By the way Mike, there is a section on TFK where members can submit articles. One member in particular here that I am very fond of wrote a nice article on alkalinity and calcium testing and adjusting. You might want to check it out!
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Thanks for explaining it, Mark. I am going to give that article a read.

I don't know if it was just a matter of time or if the Epsom salt helped, but I am happy to report that it looks like the angel fish's popeye cleared up!
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Really glad to hear the angel is looking better!

If you don't stand up for something you'll fall for anything...
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Thanks, Kym!
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I'm glad he's doing better too!!
What a gorgeous fish.

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good to hear about your fish.

i to dont like to add anything if possible and honestly ive never heard about epsoms for pop eye until now.

i would just like to add for who is following along... wouldnt the epsoms spike the magnesium and un-balance your cal and alk? that seems logical to me?
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