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Hey friends,

I've managed to keep my tank down to about 10 hours of light now, instead of the 15.5 before and cut back on the amount of food I'm feeding my ocellaris clown, yellow tailed blue damsel, large red hermit and lone peppermint shrimp. I'm now only feeding them twice a day which is 2 small shavings of a frozen shrimp preparation, a very small, fine sprinkling of tropical fish flake and a couple of shrimp pellets per day. This all in a 55 gallon tank, mind you. Since I've done this (and I do know that cyano is NOT a true algae), I've seen a dramatic drop off in the stuff. The red hermit is also doing his part with the almost black cyano on the live sand. He has pretty much tore it apart and filtered through it all.

I'm hoping that with the addition of a Hydor Koralia #2 to increase the water current, this will finally take care of this crap.

Thanks for all the assists in the matter, and I welcome all comments.


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you could try to cut back a bit on the food too if you like just to see how the problem goes over a few weeks...its a good way to learn abit about your tank.
Though your on the right road if CRM is helping you through, I was in a similar stage and his words explained a lot.

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Thanks Robinjo. My red algae problem is almost gone now. Very little of it around at all. The reduction of light (don't know if it had anything to do with it, but it doesn't make sense to have the lights on that much anyway), cutting back on feedings (amount more than anything else) and the introduction of the "Big Red Machine" have pretty much done it in.

However, the bad news is the "BRM" has nabbed my peppermint shrimp and made a snack of it. He is rather large and has a voracious appetite. I all but caught him with the hatchet in his claw! Good news is that the pet store where I got him has agreed to take him back and spot me a couple of smaller, less aggressive, blue tip hermits, etc. in his stead. So soon it'll be goodbye to the BRM and hello to "GO BIG BLUE". Which every Kentuckian (myself included) should be happy to have.

Just hope he doesn't munch on my 2 small fish (yellow tailed Damsel and Ocellaris Clown) before I get him there over the next few days.


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I hate to say it, and refrained yesterday, but for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. I don't know how many times I mentioned that before. And what happens when you remove the creature you say ate all that cyano and nothing was done to correct the original problem?
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Hmm...well, I have cut back on feedings dramatically. I have cut back on light (which wasn't a problem w/cyano to speak, but was a problem). I will be attaching a Hydor Koralia 2 into the tank to provide even more circulation as soon as I can get to the LFS (which for me is at least a 2 hr. drive). I will also be introducing several smaller, less aggressive crabs into my system within a week to help control algae problems (at the same time that the BRM is taken back).

What more would you have me do?


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Read. Read everything you can get your hands on. Had you been fully aware of the hermit crabs potential, as I had been lightly warning you of, you would still have your critters. But hey if any good comes of this, it's that your bio-load has been significantly lightened and now you can feed even less.
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